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 *  PS3 platform declarations.
 *  Copyright (C) 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
 *  Copyright 2006 Sony Corp.
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#if !defined(_PS3_PLATFORM_H)
#define _PS3_PLATFORM_H

#include <linux/rtc.h>
#include <scsi/scsi.h>

#include <asm/ps3.h>

/* htab */

void __init ps3_hpte_init(unsigned long htab_size);
void __init ps3_map_htab(void);

/* mm */

void __init ps3_mm_init(void);
void __init ps3_mm_vas_create(unsigned long* htab_size);
void ps3_mm_vas_destroy(void);
void ps3_mm_shutdown(void);

/* irq */

void ps3_init_IRQ(void);
void ps3_shutdown_IRQ(int cpu);
void __init ps3_register_ipi_debug_brk(unsigned int cpu, unsigned int virq);

/* smp */

void smp_init_ps3(void);
void ps3_smp_cleanup_cpu(int cpu);
static inline void ps3_smp_cleanup_cpu(int cpu) { }

/* time */

void __init ps3_calibrate_decr(void);
unsigned long __init ps3_get_boot_time(void);
void ps3_get_rtc_time(struct rtc_time *time);
int ps3_set_rtc_time(struct rtc_time *time);

/* os area */

void __init ps3_os_area_save_params(void);
void __init ps3_os_area_init(void);
u64 ps3_os_area_get_rtc_diff(void);
void ps3_os_area_set_rtc_diff(u64 rtc_diff);

/* spu */

#if defined(CONFIG_SPU_BASE)
void ps3_spu_set_platform (void);
static inline void ps3_spu_set_platform (void) {}

/* repository bus info */

enum ps3_bus_type {
      PS3_BUS_TYPE_SB = 4,

enum ps3_dev_type {
      PS3_DEV_TYPE_SB_GELIC = 3,
      PS3_DEV_TYPE_SB_USB = 4,
      PS3_DEV_TYPE_STOR_ROM = TYPE_ROM,   /* 5 */
      PS3_DEV_TYPE_SB_GPIO = 6,
      PS3_DEV_TYPE_STOR_FLASH = TYPE_RBC, /* 14 */

int ps3_repository_read_bus_str(unsigned int bus_index, const char *bus_str,
      u64 *value);
int ps3_repository_read_bus_id(unsigned int bus_index, u64 *bus_id);
int ps3_repository_read_bus_type(unsigned int bus_index,
      enum ps3_bus_type *bus_type);
int ps3_repository_read_bus_num_dev(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int *num_dev);

/* repository bus device info */

enum ps3_interrupt_type {

enum ps3_reg_type {
      PS3_REG_TYPE_SB_OHCI = 3,
      PS3_REG_TYPE_SB_EHCI = 4,
      PS3_REG_TYPE_SB_GPIO = 5,

int ps3_repository_read_dev_str(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, const char *dev_str, u64 *value);
int ps3_repository_read_dev_id(unsigned int bus_index, unsigned int dev_index,
      u64 *dev_id);
int ps3_repository_read_dev_type(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, enum ps3_dev_type *dev_type);
int ps3_repository_read_dev_intr(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int intr_index,
      enum ps3_interrupt_type *intr_type, unsigned int *interrupt_id);
int ps3_repository_read_dev_reg_type(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int reg_index,
      enum ps3_reg_type *reg_type);
int ps3_repository_read_dev_reg_addr(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int reg_index, u64 *bus_addr,
      u64 *len);
int ps3_repository_read_dev_reg(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int reg_index,
      enum ps3_reg_type *reg_type, u64 *bus_addr, u64 *len);

/* repository bus enumerators */

struct ps3_repository_device {
      unsigned int bus_index;
      unsigned int dev_index;
      enum ps3_bus_type bus_type;
      enum ps3_dev_type dev_type;
      u64 bus_id;
      u64 dev_id;

int ps3_repository_find_device(struct ps3_repository_device *repo);
int ps3_repository_find_device_by_id(struct ps3_repository_device *repo,
                             u64 bus_id, u64 dev_id);
int ps3_repository_find_devices(enum ps3_bus_type bus_type,
      int (*callback)(const struct ps3_repository_device *repo));
int ps3_repository_find_bus(enum ps3_bus_type bus_type, unsigned int from,
      unsigned int *bus_index);
int ps3_repository_find_interrupt(const struct ps3_repository_device *repo,
      enum ps3_interrupt_type intr_type, unsigned int *interrupt_id);
int ps3_repository_find_reg(const struct ps3_repository_device *repo,
      enum ps3_reg_type reg_type, u64 *bus_addr, u64 *len);

/* repository block device info */

int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_port(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, u64 *port);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_blk_size(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, u64 *blk_size);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_num_blocks(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, u64 *num_blocks);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_num_regions(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int *num_regions);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_region_id(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int region_index,
      unsigned int *region_id);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_region_size(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int region_index, u64 *region_size);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_region_start(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int region_index, u64 *region_start);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_info(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, u64 *port, u64 *blk_size,
      u64 *num_blocks, unsigned int *num_regions);
int ps3_repository_read_stor_dev_region(unsigned int bus_index,
      unsigned int dev_index, unsigned int region_index,
      unsigned int *region_id, u64 *region_start, u64 *region_size);

/* repository logical pu and memory info */

int ps3_repository_read_num_pu(u64 *num_pu);
int ps3_repository_read_pu_id(unsigned int pu_index, u64 *pu_id);
int ps3_repository_read_rm_base(unsigned int ppe_id, u64 *rm_base);
int ps3_repository_read_rm_size(unsigned int ppe_id, u64 *rm_size);
int ps3_repository_read_region_total(u64 *region_total);
int ps3_repository_read_mm_info(u64 *rm_base, u64 *rm_size,
      u64 *region_total);

/* repository pme info */

int ps3_repository_read_num_be(unsigned int *num_be);
int ps3_repository_read_be_node_id(unsigned int be_index, u64 *node_id);
int ps3_repository_read_be_id(u64 node_id, u64 *be_id);
int ps3_repository_read_tb_freq(u64 node_id, u64 *tb_freq);
int ps3_repository_read_be_tb_freq(unsigned int be_index, u64 *tb_freq);

/* repository performance monitor info */

int ps3_repository_read_lpm_privileges(unsigned int be_index, u64 *lpar,
      u64 *rights);

/* repository 'Other OS' area */

int ps3_repository_read_boot_dat_addr(u64 *lpar_addr);
int ps3_repository_read_boot_dat_size(unsigned int *size);
int ps3_repository_read_boot_dat_info(u64 *lpar_addr, unsigned int *size);

/* repository spu info */

 * enum spu_resource_type - Type of spu resource.
 * @spu_resource_type_shared: Logical spu is shared with other partions.
 * @spu_resource_type_exclusive: Logical spu is not shared with other partions.
 * Returned by ps3_repository_read_spu_resource_id().

enum ps3_spu_resource_type {
      PS3_SPU_RESOURCE_TYPE_EXCLUSIVE = 0x8000000000000000UL,

int ps3_repository_read_num_spu_reserved(unsigned int *num_spu_reserved);
int ps3_repository_read_num_spu_resource_id(unsigned int *num_resource_id);
int ps3_repository_read_spu_resource_id(unsigned int res_index,
      enum ps3_spu_resource_type* resource_type, unsigned int *resource_id);

/* repository vuart info */

int ps3_repository_read_vuart_av_port(unsigned int *port);
int ps3_repository_read_vuart_sysmgr_port(unsigned int *port);

/* Page table entries */
#define IOPTE_PP_W            0x8000000000000000ul /* protection: write */
#define IOPTE_PP_R            0x4000000000000000ul /* protection: read */
#define IOPTE_M               0x2000000000000000ul /* coherency required */
#define IOPTE_SO_R            0x1000000000000000ul /* ordering: writes */
#define IOPTE_SO_RW             0x1800000000000000ul /* ordering: r & w */
#define IOPTE_RPN_Mask        0x07fffffffffff000ul /* RPN */
#define IOPTE_H               0x0000000000000800ul /* cache hint */
#define IOPTE_IOID_Mask       0x00000000000007fful /* ioid */


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