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 * Copyright (C) 1999 Hewlett-Packard (Frank Rowand)
 *    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
 *    any later version.
 *    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *    GNU General Public License for more details.
 *    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


;! General Registers

rp:   .reg  %r2
arg3: .reg  %r23
arg2: .reg  %r24
arg1: .reg  %r25
arg0: .reg  %r26
dp:   .reg  %r27
ret0: .reg  %r28
ret1: .reg  %r29
sl:   .reg  %r29
sp:   .reg  %r30

#if 0
/* PA20_REVISIT */
arg7: .reg  r19
arg6: .reg  r20
arg5: .reg  r21
arg4: .reg  r22
gp:   .reg  r27
ap:   .reg  r29

r0:   .reg  %r0
r1:   .reg  %r1
r2:   .reg  %r2
r3:   .reg  %r3
r4:   .reg  %r4
r5:   .reg  %r5
r6:   .reg  %r6
r7:   .reg  %r7
r8:   .reg  %r8
r9:   .reg  %r9
r10:  .reg  %r10
r11:  .reg  %r11
r12:  .reg  %r12
r13:  .reg  %r13
r14:  .reg  %r14
r15:  .reg  %r15
r16:  .reg  %r16
r17:  .reg  %r17
r18:  .reg  %r18
r19:  .reg  %r19
r20:  .reg  %r20
r21:  .reg  %r21
r22:  .reg  %r22
r23:  .reg  %r23
r24:  .reg  %r24
r25:  .reg  %r25
r26:  .reg  %r26
r27:  .reg  %r27
r28:  .reg  %r28
r29:  .reg  %r29
r30:  .reg  %r30
r31:  .reg  %r31

;! Space Registers

sr0:  .reg  %sr0
sr1:  .reg  %sr1
sr2:  .reg  %sr2
sr3:  .reg  %sr3
sr4:  .reg  %sr4
sr5:  .reg  %sr5
sr6:  .reg  %sr6
sr7:  .reg  %sr7

;! Floating Point Registers

fr0:  .reg  %fr0
fr1:  .reg  %fr1
fr2:  .reg  %fr2
fr3:  .reg  %fr3
fr4:  .reg  %fr4
fr5:  .reg  %fr5
fr6:  .reg  %fr6
fr7:  .reg  %fr7
fr8:  .reg  %fr8
fr9:  .reg  %fr9
fr10: .reg  %fr10
fr11: .reg  %fr11
fr12: .reg  %fr12
fr13: .reg  %fr13
fr14: .reg  %fr14
fr15: .reg  %fr15
fr16: .reg  %fr16
fr17: .reg  %fr17
fr18: .reg  %fr18
fr19: .reg  %fr19
fr20: .reg  %fr20
fr21: .reg  %fr21
fr22: .reg  %fr22
fr23: .reg  %fr23
fr24: .reg  %fr24
fr25: .reg  %fr25
fr26: .reg  %fr26
fr27: .reg  %fr27
fr28: .reg  %fr28
fr29: .reg  %fr29
fr30: .reg  %fr30
fr31: .reg  %fr31

;! Control Registers

rctr: .reg  %cr0
pidr1:      .reg  %cr8
pidr2:      .reg  %cr9
ccr:  .reg  %cr10
sar:  .reg  %cr11
pidr3:      .reg  %cr12
pidr4:      .reg  %cr13
iva:  .reg  %cr14
eiem: .reg  %cr15
itmr: .reg  %cr16
pcsq: .reg  %cr17
pcoq: .reg  %cr18
iir:  .reg  %cr19
isr:  .reg  %cr20
ior:  .reg  %cr21
ipsw: .reg  %cr22
eirr: .reg  %cr23
tr0:  .reg  %cr24
tr1:  .reg  %cr25
tr2:  .reg  %cr26
tr3:  .reg  %cr27
tr4:  .reg  %cr28
tr5:  .reg  %cr29
tr6:  .reg  %cr30
tr7:  .reg  %cr31

cr0:  .reg  %cr0
cr8:  .reg  %cr8
cr9:  .reg  %cr9
cr10: .reg  %cr10
cr11: .reg  %cr11
cr12: .reg  %cr12
cr13: .reg  %cr13
cr14: .reg  %cr14
cr15: .reg  %cr15
cr16: .reg  %cr16
cr17: .reg  %cr17
cr18: .reg  %cr18
cr19: .reg  %cr19
cr20: .reg  %cr20
cr21: .reg  %cr21
cr22: .reg  %cr22
cr23: .reg  %cr23
cr24: .reg  %cr24
cr25: .reg  %cr25
cr26: .reg  %cr26
cr27: .reg  %cr27
cr28: .reg  %cr28
cr29: .reg  %cr29
cr30: .reg  %cr30
cr31: .reg  %cr31


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