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 * uninorth.h: definitions for using the "UniNorth" host bridge chip
 *             from Apple. This chip is used on "Core99" machines
 *           This also includes U2 used on more recent MacRISC2/3
 *             machines and U3 (G5) 
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#ifndef __ASM_UNINORTH_H__
#define __ASM_UNINORTH_H__

 * Uni-N and U3 config space reg. definitions
 * (Little endian)

/* Address ranges selection. This one should work with Bandit too */
/* Not U3 */
#define UNI_N_ADDR_SELECT           0x48
#define UNI_N_ADDR_COARSE_MASK            0xffff0000  /* 256Mb regions at *0000000 */
#define UNI_N_ADDR_FINE_MASK        0x0000ffff  /*  16Mb regions at f*000000 */

/* AGP registers */
/* Not U3 */
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_BASE         0x8c
#define UNI_N_CFG_AGP_BASE          0x90
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_CTRL         0x94
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_DUMMY_PAGE   0xa4

/* UNI_N_CFG_GART_CTRL bits definitions */
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_INVAL        0x00000001
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_ENABLE       0x00000100
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_2xRESET            0x00010000
#define UNI_N_CFG_GART_DISSBADET    0x00020000
/* The following seems to only be used only on U3 <j.glisse@gmail.com> */
#define U3_N_CFG_GART_SYNCMODE            0x00040000
#define U3_N_CFG_GART_PERFRD        0x00080000
#define U3_N_CFG_GART_B2BGNT        0x00200000
#define U3_N_CFG_GART_FASTDDR       0x00400000

/* My understanding of UniNorth AGP as of UniNorth rev 1.0x,
 * revision 1.5 (x4 AGP) may need further changes.
 * AGP_BASE register contains the base address of the AGP aperture on
 * the AGP bus. It doesn't seem to be visible to the CPU as of UniNorth 1.x,
 * even if decoding of this address range is enabled in the address select
 * register. Apparently, the only supported bases are 256Mb multiples
 * (high 4 bits of that register).
 * GART_BASE register appear to contain the physical address of the GART
 * in system memory in the high address bits (page aligned), and the
 * GART size in the low order bits (number of GART pages)
 * The GART format itself is one 32bits word per physical memory page.
 * This word contains, in little-endian format (!!!), the physical address
 * of the page in the high bits, and what appears to be an "enable" bit
 * in the LSB bit (0) that must be set to 1 when the entry is valid.
 * Obviously, the GART is not cache coherent and so any change to it
 * must be flushed to memory (or maybe just make the GART space non
 * cachable). AGP memory itself doens't seem to be cache coherent neither.
 * In order to invalidate the GART (which is probably necessary to inval
 * the bridge internal TLBs), the following sequence has to be written,
 * in order, to the GART_CTRL register:
 * As far as AGP "features" are concerned, it looks like fast write may
 * not be supported but this has to be confirmed.
 * Turning on AGP seem to require a double invalidate operation, one before
 * setting the AGP command register, on after.
 * Turning off AGP seems to require the following sequence: first wait
 * for the AGP to be idle by reading the internal status register, then
 * write in that order to the GART_CTRL register:
 *   0
 *   0

 * Uni-N memory mapped reg. definitions
 * Those registers are Big-Endian !!
 * Their meaning come from either Darwin and/or from experiments I made with
 * the bootrom, I'm not sure about their exact meaning yet

/* Version of the UniNorth chip */
#define UNI_N_VERSION               0x0000            /* Known versions: 3,7 and 8 */

#define UNI_N_VERSION_107           0x0003            /* 1.0.7 */
#define UNI_N_VERSION_10A           0x0007            /* 1.0.10 */
#define UNI_N_VERSION_150           0x0011            /* 1.5 */
#define UNI_N_VERSION_200           0x0024            /* 2.0 */
#define UNI_N_VERSION_PANGEA        0x00C0            /* Integrated U1 + K */
#define UNI_N_VERSION_INTREPID            0x00D2            /* Integrated U2 + K */
#define UNI_N_VERSION_300           0x0030            /* 3.0 (U3 on G5) */

/* This register is used to enable/disable various clocks */
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_CNTL            0x0020
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_CNTL_PCI        0x00000001  /* PCI2 clock control */
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_CNTL_GMAC       0x00000002  /* GMAC clock control */
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_CNTL_FW         0x00000004  /* FireWire clock control */
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_CNTL_ATA100           0x00000010  /* ATA-100 clock control (U2) */

/* Power Management control */
#define UNI_N_POWER_MGT             0x0030
#define UNI_N_POWER_MGT_NORMAL            0x00
#define UNI_N_POWER_MGT_IDLE2       0x01
#define UNI_N_POWER_MGT_SLEEP       0x02

/* This register is configured by Darwin depending on the UniN
 * revision
#define UNI_N_ARB_CTRL              0x0040
#define UNI_N_ARB_CTRL_QACK_DELAY_MASK    0x0e1f8000
#define UNI_N_ARB_CTRL_QACK_DELAY   0x30
#define UNI_N_ARB_CTRL_QACK_DELAY105      0x00

/* This one _might_ return the CPU number of the CPU reading it;
 * the bootROM decides whether to boot or to sleep/spinloop depending
 * on this register beeing 0 or not
#define UNI_N_CPU_NUMBER            0x0050

/* This register appear to be read by the bootROM to decide what
 *  to do on a non-recoverable reset (powerup or wakeup)
#define UNI_N_HWINIT_STATE          0x0070
/* This last bit appear to be used by the bootROM to know the second
 * CPU has started and will enter it's sleep loop with IP=0
#define UNI_N_HWINIT_STATE_CPU1_FLAG      0x10000000

/* This register controls AACK delay, which is set when 2004 iBook/PowerBook
 * is in low speed mode.
#define UNI_N_AACK_DELAY            0x0100
#define UNI_N_AACK_DELAY_ENABLE           0x00000001

/* Clock status for Intrepid */
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOP_STATUS0    0x0150
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_EXTAGP  0x00200000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_AGPDEL  0x00100000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_I2S0_45_49    0x00080000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_I2S0_18 0x00040000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_I2S1_45_49    0x00020000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_I2S1_18 0x00010000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_TIMER   0x00008000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_SCC_RTCLK18   0x00004000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_SCC_RTCLK32   0x00002000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_SCC_VIA32     0x00001000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_SCC_SLOT0     0x00000800
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_SCC_SLOT1     0x00000400
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_SCC_SLOT2     0x00000200
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_PCI_FBCLKO    0x00000100
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_VEO0    0x00000080
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_VEO1    0x00000040
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_USB0    0x00000020
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_USB1    0x00000010
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_USB2    0x00000008
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_32            0x00000004
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_45            0x00000002
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_49            0x00000001

#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOP_STATUS1    0x0160
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_PLL4REF 0x00080000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_CPUDEL  0x00040000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_CPU           0x00020000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_BUF_REFCKO    0x00010000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_PCI2    0x00008000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_FW            0x00004000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_GB            0x00002000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_ATA66   0x00001000
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_ATA100  0x00000800
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_MAX           0x00000400
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_PCI1    0x00000200
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_KLPCI   0x00000100
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_USB0PCI 0x00000080
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_USB1PCI 0x00000040
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_USB2PCI 0x00000020
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_7PCI1   0x00000008
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_AGP           0x00000004
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_PCI0    0x00000002
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_STOPPED_18            0x00000001

/* Intrepid registe to OF do-platform-clockspreading */
#define UNI_N_CLOCK_SPREADING       0x190

/* Uninorth 1.5 rev. has additional perf. monitor registers at 0xf00-0xf50 */

 * U3 specific registers

/* U3 Toggle */
#define U3_TOGGLE_REG               0x00e0
#define U3_PMC_START_STOP           0x0001
#define U3_MPIC_RESET               0x0002
#define U3_MPIC_OUTPUT_ENABLE       0x0004

/* U3 API PHY Config 1 */
#define U3_API_PHY_CONFIG_1         0x23030

/* U3 HyperTransport registers */
#define U3_HT_CONFIG_BASE                 0x70000
#define U3_HT_LINK_COMMAND          0x100
#define U3_HT_LINK_CONFIG           0x110
#define U3_HT_LINK_FREQ             0x120

#endif /* __ASM_UNINORTH_H__ */
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */

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