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int __init mxc_gpio_init ( void   ) 

This function registers GPIO hardware as a system device and intializes all the GPIO ports if not already done. System devices will only be suspended with interrupts disabled, and after all other devices have been suspended. On resume, they will be resumed before any other devices, and also with interrupts disabled. This may get called early from board specific init

This function returns 0 on success.

Definition at line 692 of file gpio.c.

References _mxc_gpio_init().

Referenced by mxc_board_init().

      int ret = 0;

      ret = _mxc_gpio_init();

      if (ret == 0) {
            ret = sysdev_class_register(&mxc_gpio_sysclass);
            if (ret == 0)
                  ret = sysdev_register(&mxc_gpio_device);

      return ret;

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