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PMIC_STATUS pmic_write_reg ( int  reg,
unsigned int  reg_value,
unsigned int  reg_mask 

This function is called by PMIC clients to write a register on PMIC.

reg number of register
reg_value New value of register
reg_mask Bitmap mask indicating which bits to modify
This function returns PMIC_SUCCESS if successful.

Definition at line 74 of file pmic_external.c.

Referenced by pmic_event_mask(), and pmic_event_unmask().

      int ret = 0;
      unsigned int temp = 0;

      ret = pmic_read(reg, &temp);
      if (ret != PMIC_SUCCESS) {
            return PMIC_ERROR;
      temp = (temp & (~reg_mask)) | reg_value;
#ifdef CONFIG_MXC_PMIC_MC13783
            temp &= 0xFFFE7FFF;
      ret = pmic_write(reg, temp);
      if (ret != PMIC_SUCCESS) {
            return PMIC_ERROR;

      pr_debug("Write REG[ %d ] = 0x%x\n", reg, reg_value);

      return ret;

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