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#ifndef _ASM_IA64_XEN_PRIVOP_H
#define _ASM_IA64_XEN_PRIVOP_H

 * Copyright (C) 2005 Hewlett-Packard Co
 *    Dan Magenheimer <dan.magenheimer@hp.com>
 * Paravirtualizations of privileged operations for Xen/ia64
 * inline privop and paravirt_alt support
 * Copyright (c) 2007 Isaku Yamahata <yamahata at valinux co jp>
 *                    VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#include <linux/types.h>            /* arch-ia64.h requires uint64_t */
#include <asm/xen/interface.h>

/* At 1 MB, before per-cpu space but still addressable using addl instead
   of movl. */
#define XSI_BASE              0xfffffffffff00000

/* Address of mapped regs.  */

#ifdef __ASSEMBLY__
#define XEN_HYPER_RFI               break HYPERPRIVOP_RFI
#define XEN_HYPER_COVER             break HYPERPRIVOP_COVER
#define XEN_HYPER_ITC_D             break HYPERPRIVOP_ITC_D
#define XEN_HYPER_ITC_I             break HYPERPRIVOP_ITC_I
#define XEN_HYPER_SSM_I             break HYPERPRIVOP_SSM_I
#define XEN_HYPER_THASH             break HYPERPRIVOP_THASH
#define XEN_HYPER_ITR_D             break HYPERPRIVOP_ITR_D
#define XEN_HYPER_SET_KR            break HYPERPRIVOP_SET_KR

#define XSI_IFS                     (XSI_BASE + XSI_IFS_OFS)
#define XSI_IFA                     (XSI_BASE + XSI_IFA_OFS)
#define XSI_ISR                     (XSI_BASE + XSI_ISR_OFS)
#define XSI_IIM                     (XSI_BASE + XSI_IIM_OFS)
#define XSI_ITIR              (XSI_BASE + XSI_ITIR_OFS)
#define XSI_PSR_I_ADDR              (XSI_BASE + XSI_PSR_I_ADDR_OFS)
#define XSI_PSR_IC                  (XSI_BASE + XSI_PSR_IC_OFS)
#define XSI_IPSR              (XSI_BASE + XSI_IPSR_OFS)
#define XSI_IIP                     (XSI_BASE + XSI_IIP_OFS)
#define XSI_B1NAT             (XSI_BASE + XSI_B1NATS_OFS)
#define XSI_BANK1_R16               (XSI_BASE + XSI_BANK1_R16_OFS)
#define XSI_BANKNUM                 (XSI_BASE + XSI_BANKNUM_OFS)
#define XSI_IHA                     (XSI_BASE + XSI_IHA_OFS)

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__

/* Instructions paravirtualized for correctness */

/* "fc" and "thash" are privilege-sensitive instructions, meaning they
 *  may have different semantics depending on whether they are executed
 *  at PL0 vs PL!=0.  When paravirtualized, these instructions mustn't
 *  be allowed to execute directly, lest incorrect semantics result. */
extern void xen_fc(unsigned long addr);
extern unsigned long xen_thash(unsigned long addr);

/* Note that "ttag" and "cover" are also privilege-sensitive; "ttag"
 * is not currently used (though it may be in a long-format VHPT system!)
 * and the semantics of cover only change if psr.ic is off which is very
 * rare (and currently non-existent outside of assembly code */

/* There are also privilege-sensitive registers.  These registers are
 * readable at any privilege level but only writable at PL0. */
extern unsigned long xen_get_cpuid(int index);
extern unsigned long xen_get_pmd(int index);

extern unsigned long xen_get_eflag(void); /* see xen_ia64_getreg */
extern void xen_set_eflag(unsigned long); /* see xen_ia64_setreg */

/* Instructions paravirtualized for performance */

/* Xen uses memory-mapped virtual privileged registers for access to many
 * performance-sensitive privileged registers.  Some, like the processor
 * status register (psr), are broken up into multiple memory locations.
 * Others, like "pend", are abstractions based on privileged registers.
 * "Pend" is guaranteed to be set if reading cr.ivr would return a
 * (non-spurious) interrupt. */
#define XEN_MAPPEDREGS ((struct mapped_regs *)XMAPPEDREGS_BASE)

#define XSI_PSR_I             \
#define xen_get_virtual_psr_i()           \
#define xen_set_virtual_psr_i(_val) \
      ({ XSI_PSR_I = (uint8_t)(_val) ? 0 : 1; })
#define xen_set_virtual_psr_ic(_val)      \
      ({ XEN_MAPPEDREGS->interrupt_collection_enabled = _val ? 1 : 0; })
#define xen_get_virtual_pend()            \
      (*(((uint8_t *)XEN_MAPPEDREGS->interrupt_mask_addr) - 1))

/* Although all privileged operations can be left to trap and will
 * be properly handled by Xen, some are frequent enough that we use
 * hyperprivops for performance. */
extern unsigned long xen_get_psr(void);
extern unsigned long xen_get_ivr(void);
extern unsigned long xen_get_tpr(void);
extern void xen_hyper_ssm_i(void);
extern void xen_set_itm(unsigned long);
extern void xen_set_tpr(unsigned long);
extern void xen_eoi(unsigned long);
extern unsigned long xen_get_rr(unsigned long index);
extern void xen_set_rr(unsigned long index, unsigned long val);
extern void xen_set_rr0_to_rr4(unsigned long val0, unsigned long val1,
                         unsigned long val2, unsigned long val3,
                         unsigned long val4);
extern void xen_set_kr(unsigned long index, unsigned long val);
extern void xen_ptcga(unsigned long addr, unsigned long size);

#endif /* !__ASSEMBLY__ */

#endif /* _ASM_IA64_XEN_PRIVOP_H */

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