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slot Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct acpiphp_slotacpi_slot
unsigned int allocated: 1
struct snd_mixer_oss_assign_tableassigned
int bit_mode
u8 bus
struct pci_bus * bus
struct bus_infobus_on
u8 busstatus
u32 capabilities
unsigned int capture_item
unsigned int channels
u8 configured
u8 ctlr_index
struct controllerctrl
struct pci_dev * dev
unsigned int devfn
u8 device
int device_num
struct device_node * dn
u8 ext_status
unsigned int extracting
u8 flag
struct pci_funcfunc
struct hotplug_slothotplug_slot
struct list_head hp_list
u8 hp_slot
struct hpc_opshpc_ops
struct list_head ibm_slot_list
u32 index
struct hotplug_slot_info info
u8 irq [4]
u8 is_a_board
unsigned long last_emi_toggle
struct mutex lock
char * name
char name [SLOT_NAME_SIZE]
struct slotnext
u8 number
u32 number
unsigned int numid [SNDRV_MIXER_OSS_ITEM_COUNT]
void __iomem * p_sm_slot
struct pci_bus * pci_bus
struct list_headpci_devs
char physical_path [SN_SLOT_NAME_SIZE]
u32 power_domain
u8 presence_save
unsigned int present
u8 pwr_save
u8 real_physical_slot_num
u16 reserved2
struct list_head rpaphp_slot_list
unsigned int signature
struct list_head slot_list
int state
u8 state
u16 status
u8 status
u8 supported_bus_mode
u8 supported_speed
u8 switch_save
struct timer_list task_event
u32 type
struct delayed_work work

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file acpiphp.h.

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