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spu_context Struct Reference

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Public Types


Public Attributes

int aff_head
struct list_head aff_list
int aff_offset
struct address_space * cntl
cpumask_t cpus_allowed
struct spu_state csa
unsigned long event_return
unsigned long flags
struct spu_ganggang
struct list_head gang_list
struct fasync_struct * ibox_fasync
wait_queue_head_t ibox_wq
struct kref kref
int last_ran
struct address_space * local_store
struct mutex mapping_lock
struct address_space * mfc
struct fasync_struct * mfc_fasync
wait_queue_head_t mfc_wq
spinlock_t mmio_lock
struct address_space * mss
u64 object_id
struct spu_context_opsops
struct mm_structowner
int policy
int prio
struct krefprof_priv_kref
void(* prof_priv_release )(struct kref *kref)
struct address_space * psmap
struct work_struct reap_work
struct list_head rq
struct mutex run_mutex
wait_queue_head_t run_wq
unsigned long sched_flags
struct address_space * signal1
struct address_space * signal2
struct spu * spu
enum spu_context:: { ... }  state
struct mutex state_mutex
struct {
   unsigned long long   class2_intr
   unsigned long long   class2_intr_base
   unsigned long long   hash_flt
   unsigned long long   invol_ctx_switch
   unsigned long long   libassist
   unsigned long long   maj_flt
   unsigned long long   min_flt
   unsigned long long   slb_flt
   unsigned long long   slb_flt_base
   unsigned long long   times [SPU_UTIL_MAX]
   unsigned long long   tstamp
   enum spu_utilization_state   util_state
   unsigned long long   vol_ctx_switch
wait_queue_head_t stop_wq
struct switch_logswitch_log
u32 tagwait
pid_t tid
unsigned int time_slice
struct fasync_struct * wbox_fasync
wait_queue_head_t wbox_wq

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file spufs.h.

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