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thread_struct Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

unsigned long fork_kpsr __attribute__ ((aligned(8)))
int align[0] __attribute__ ((aligned(16)))
unsigned long float_regs[32] __attribute__ ((aligned(8)))

Public Attributes

union {
   struct pt_regs *   frame0
   struct user_context *   user
struct pt_regs__frame
unsigned int _pad1
unsigned long a3
struct mips_abiabi
unsigned long address
struct arch_thread arch
unsigned long bad_uaddr
unsigned long bad_vaddr
struct {
   unsigned short *   addr
   unsigned short   inst
unsigned long ccr
unsigned long ccs
int code
unsigned long cp0_baduaddr
unsigned long cp0_badvaddr
unsigned long cp0_status
struct cpu_context cpu_context
unsigned long cr2
unsigned long crp [2]
struct task_struct * curr
mm_segment_t current_ds
__u64 dbr [IA64_NUM_DBG_REGS]
unsigned long dbreaka [XCHAL_NUM_DBREAK]
unsigned long dbreakc [XCHAL_NUM_DBREAK]
unsigned long dccr
struct debug_trap debug_trap
unsigned long debugctlmsr
void * debuggerinfo
unsigned long debugreg0
unsigned long debugreg1
unsigned long debugreg2
unsigned long debugreg3
unsigned long debugreg6
unsigned long debugreg7
unsigned short ds
struct mips_dsp_state dsp
int dummy
unsigned long error_code
unsigned short es
unsigned long esp0
jmp_buf * exec_buf
unsigned long faddr
void * fault_addr
jmp_buf * fault_catcher
__u32 flags
unsigned long flags
unsigned long fork_kwim
int forking
unsigned long fp [8 *3]
unsigned long fpcntl [3]
struct ia64_fpreg fph [96]
unsigned long fpqdepth
struct fpq fpqueue [16]
unsigned char fpstate [FPSTATESIZE]
struct mips_fpu_struct fpu
union sh_fpu_union fpu
unsigned long fpu_flags
struct fpu_state_struct fpu_state
struct pt_regsframe
unsigned long fs
unsigned short fs
unsigned short fsindex
unsigned long fsr
unsigned long gr [12]
unsigned long gs
unsigned short gsindex
__u64 ibr [IA64_NUM_DBG_REGS]
unsigned long ibreak [XCHAL_NUM_IBREAK]
struct thread_info info
unsigned io_bitmap_max
unsigned long * io_bitmap_ptr
unsigned long iopl
unsigned long ip
unsigned long irix_oldctx
unsigned long irix_trampoline
struct pt_regskregs
__u64 ksp
unsigned long ksp
int last_fph_cpu
unsigned long lr
__u64 map_base
unsigned long map_base
int mm_count
__u8 on_ustack
__u8 pad [3]
unsigned long pc
struct task_struct * prev_sched
unsigned long ra
__u64 rbs_bot
unsigned long reg16
unsigned long reg17
unsigned long reg18
unsigned long reg19
unsigned long reg20
unsigned long reg21
unsigned long reg22
unsigned long reg23
unsigned long reg29
unsigned long reg30
unsigned long reg31
struct pt_regs regs
struct {
   int   op
   union {
      struct {
         void *   arg
         void(*   proc )(void *)
      }   cb
      struct {
         int   pid
      }   exec
      struct {
         int   pid
      }   fork
      struct {
         void *   arg
         int(*   proc )(void *)
      }   thread
   }   u
struct task_struct * saved_task
unsigned long sched_lr
unsigned short seqstat
int signo
unsigned long single_step_addr
u16 single_step_insn
int singlestep_syscall
unsigned long sp
unsigned long sp0
unsigned short sr
jmp_buf switch_buf
unsigned long task_size
__u64 task_size
unsigned long temp_stack
struct desc_struct tls_array [GDT_ENTRY_TLS_ENTRIES]
unsigned long trap_no
struct pt_regsuregs
unsigned long usersp
unsigned long usp
union mips_watch_reg_state watch
unsigned long wchan
union thread_xstatexstate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file processor.h.

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