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vpd Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      unsigned long   cmcv
      unsigned long   dcr
      unsigned long   eoi
      unsigned long   ifa
      unsigned long   ifs
      unsigned long   iha
      unsigned long   iim
      unsigned long   iip
      unsigned long   iipa
      unsigned long   ipsr
      unsigned long   irr [4]
      unsigned long   isr
      unsigned long   itir
      unsigned long   itm
      unsigned long   itv
      unsigned long   iva
      unsigned long   ivr
      unsigned long   lid
      unsigned long   lrr0
      unsigned long   lrr1
      unsigned long   pmv
      unsigned long   pta
      unsigned long   rsv1 [5]
      unsigned long   rsv2 [7]
      unsigned long   rsv3
      unsigned long   rsv4 [38]
      unsigned long   rsv5 [5]
      unsigned long   rsv6 [46]
      unsigned long   tpr
   unsigned long   vcr [128]
unsigned long reserved1 [29]
unsigned long reserved2 [95]
unsigned long reserved3 [11]
unsigned long reserved4 [76]
unsigned long reserved5 [128]
unsigned long reserved6 [3456]
unsigned long reserved7 [4096]
union vac vac
unsigned long vbgr [16]
unsigned long vbnat
unsigned long vcpuid [5]
union vdc vdc
unsigned long vgr [16]
unsigned long vhpi
unsigned long virt_env_vaddr
unsigned long vmm_avail [128]
unsigned long vnat
unsigned long vpr
unsigned long vpsr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file vti.h.

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