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device Class Reference

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Detailed Description

firmware_timeout_store - set number of seconds to wait for firmware

: buffer to scan for timeout value : number of bytes in

Sets the number of seconds to wait for the firmware. Once this expires an error will be returned to the driver and no firmware will be provided.

Note: zero means 'wait forever'.

Definition at line 124 of file lguest.c.

Public Attributes

struct dev_archdata archdata
struct bus_type * bus
char bus_id [BUS_ID_SIZE]
struct classclass
u64 coherent_dma_mask
struct lguest_device_desc * desc
struct list_head devres_head
spinlock_t devres_lock
dev_t devt
u64 * dma_mask
struct dma_coherent_mem * dma_mem
struct device_dma_parameters * dma_parms
struct list_head dma_pools
struct device_driver * driver
void * driver_data
int fd
struct attribute_group ** groups
bool(* handle_input )(int fd, struct device *me)
const char * init_name
struct klist klist_children
struct klist_node knode_bus
struct klist_node knode_class
struct klist_node knode_driver
struct klist_node knode_parent
struct kobject kobj
const char * name
struct devicenext
struct deviceparent
void * platform_data
struct dev_pm_info power
void * priv
void(* ready )(struct device *me)
void(* release )(struct device *dev)
struct semaphore sem
struct device_type * type
unsigned uevent_suppress:1
struct virtqueuevq

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