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Detailed Description

is_match_usb_pxa - check if usb_ep and pxa_ep match : usb endpoint : pxa endpoint : configuration required in pxa_ep pxa_ep : altsetting required in pxa_ep

Returns 1 if all criteria match between pxa and usb endpoint, 0 otherwise

this endpoint is active : altsetting in which this endpoitn is active : max packet size in the endpoint fifo : endpoint type (bulk, iso, int, ...) : save register of UDCCSR0 for suspend/resume : save register of UDCCR for suspend/resume : endpoint statistics

The *PROBLEM* is that pxa's endpoint configuration scheme is both misdesigned (cares about config/interface/altsetting, thus placing needless limits on device capability) and full of implementation bugs forcing it to be set up for use more or less like a pxa255.

As we define the pxa_ep statically, we must guess all needed pxa_ep for all gadget which may work with this udc driver.

Definition at line 56 of file io_interface_mux.c.

Public Attributes

unsigned char gpio_b
unsigned int gpio_g_in
unsigned int gpio_g_out
unsigned int group_a
unsigned int group_b
unsigned int group_c
unsigned int group_d
unsigned int group_e
unsigned int group_f
unsigned char groups
enum cris_io_interface ioif
char * name
char * owner
unsigned char used

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