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 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.
 * Copyright (C) 1992 - 1997, 2000-2005 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved.

#include "xtalk/xwidgetdev.h"

#define HUB_WIDGET_ID_MAX 0xf
#define DEV_PER_WIDGET (2*2*8)
#define IIO_ITTE_WIDGET_BITS    4       /* size of widget field */

#define IIO_ITTE_WIDGET(itte) \

 * Use the top big window as a surrogate for the first small window
#define SWIN0_BIGWIN            HUB_NUM_BIG_WINDOW
#define IIO_NUM_ITTES   7

/* This struct is shared between the PROM and the kernel.
 * Changes to this struct will require corresponding changes to the kernel.
struct sn_flush_device_common {
      int sfdl_bus;
      int sfdl_slot;
      int sfdl_pin;
      struct common_bar_list {
            unsigned long start;
            unsigned long end;
      } sfdl_bar_list[6];
      unsigned long sfdl_force_int_addr;
      unsigned long sfdl_flush_value;
      volatile unsigned long *sfdl_flush_addr;
      u32 sfdl_persistent_busnum;
      u32 sfdl_persistent_segment;
      struct pcibus_info *sfdl_pcibus_info;

/* This struct is kernel only and is not used by the PROM */
struct sn_flush_device_kernel {
      spinlock_t sfdl_flush_lock;
      struct sn_flush_device_common *common;

/* 01/16/06 This struct is the old PROM/kernel struct and needs to be included
 * for older official PROMs to function on the new kernel base.  This struct
 * will be removed when the next official PROM release occurs. */

struct sn_flush_device_war {
      struct sn_flush_device_common common;
      u32 filler; /* older PROMs expect the default size of a spinlock_t */

 * **widget_p - Used as an array[wid_num][device] of sn_flush_device_kernel.
struct sn_flush_nasid_entry  {
      struct sn_flush_device_kernel **widget_p; // Used as an array of wid_num
      u64 iio_itte[8];

struct hubdev_info {
      geoid_t                       hdi_geoid;
      short                   hdi_nasid;
      short                   hdi_peer_nasid;   /* Dual Porting Peer */

      struct sn_flush_nasid_entry   hdi_flush_nasid_list;
      struct xwidget_info           hdi_xwidget_info[HUB_WIDGET_ID_MAX + 1];

      void                    *hdi_nodepda;
      void                    *hdi_node_vertex;
      u32                     max_segment_number;
      u32                     max_pcibus_number;

extern void hubdev_init_node(nodepda_t *, cnodeid_t);
extern void hub_error_init(struct hubdev_info *);
extern void ice_error_init(struct hubdev_info *);

#endif /* _ASM_IA64_SN_XTALK_HUBDEV_H */

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