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dma_channel Struct Reference

#include <musb_dma.h>

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Detailed Description

struct dma_channel - A DMA channel. : channel-private data : the maximum number of bytes the channel can move in one transaction (typically representing many USB maximum-sized packets) : how many bytes have been transferred : current channel status (updated e.g. on interrupt) : true if mode 1 is desired; false if mode 0 is desired

channels are associated with an endpoint for the duration of at least one usb transfer.

Definition at line 33 of file dma.c.

Public Attributes

size_t actual_len
struct dma_reg ch [DMA_CHAN_COUNT]
enum dma_chan_status chan_status
unsigned int ctrl_num
void * data
bool desired_mode
char * device_id
unsigned int dma_enable_flag
struct mutex dmalock
dma_interrupt_t irq_callback
void(* irq_handler )(int, int, void *)
struct pnx4008_dma_ll * ll
u32 ll_dma
unsigned int loopback_flag
size_t max_len
char * name
pxa_dma_prio prio
void * private_data
struct dma_register * regs
struct dmasg * sg
enum dma_channel_status status
void * target_addr
int target_id

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