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#define __ALPHA_MACHVEC_H 1

#include <linux/types.h>

 *    This file gets pulled in by asm/io.h from user space. We don't
 *    want most of this escaping.
#ifdef __KERNEL__

/* The following structure vectors all of the I/O and IRQ manipulation
   from the generic kernel to the hardware specific backend.  */

struct task_struct;
struct mm_struct;
struct vm_area_struct;
struct linux_hose_info;
struct pci_dev;
struct pci_ops;
struct pci_controller;
struct _alpha_agp_info;

struct alpha_machine_vector
      /* This "belongs" down below with the rest of the runtime
         variables, but it is convenient for entry.S if these 
         two slots are at the beginning of the struct.  */
      unsigned long hae_cache;
      unsigned long *hae_register;

      int nr_irqs;
      int rtc_port;
      unsigned int max_asn;
      unsigned long max_isa_dma_address;
      unsigned long irq_probe_mask;
      unsigned long iack_sc;
      unsigned long min_io_address;
      unsigned long min_mem_address;
      unsigned long pci_dac_offset;

      void (*mv_pci_tbi)(struct pci_controller *hose,
                     dma_addr_t start, dma_addr_t end);

      unsigned int (*mv_ioread8)(void __iomem *);
      unsigned int (*mv_ioread16)(void __iomem *);
      unsigned int (*mv_ioread32)(void __iomem *);

      void (*mv_iowrite8)(u8, void __iomem *);
      void (*mv_iowrite16)(u16, void __iomem *);
      void (*mv_iowrite32)(u32, void __iomem *);

      u8 (*mv_readb)(const volatile void __iomem *);
      u16 (*mv_readw)(const volatile void __iomem *);
      u32 (*mv_readl)(const volatile void __iomem *);
      u64 (*mv_readq)(const volatile void __iomem *);

      void (*mv_writeb)(u8, volatile void __iomem *);
      void (*mv_writew)(u16, volatile void __iomem *);
      void (*mv_writel)(u32, volatile void __iomem *);
      void (*mv_writeq)(u64, volatile void __iomem *);

      void __iomem *(*mv_ioportmap)(unsigned long);
      void __iomem *(*mv_ioremap)(unsigned long, unsigned long);
      void (*mv_iounmap)(volatile void __iomem *);
      int (*mv_is_ioaddr)(unsigned long);
      int (*mv_is_mmio)(const volatile void __iomem *);

      void (*mv_switch_mm)(struct mm_struct *, struct mm_struct *,
                       struct task_struct *);
      void (*mv_activate_mm)(struct mm_struct *, struct mm_struct *);

      void (*mv_flush_tlb_current)(struct mm_struct *);
      void (*mv_flush_tlb_current_page)(struct mm_struct * mm,
                                struct vm_area_struct *vma,
                                unsigned long addr);

      void (*update_irq_hw)(unsigned long, unsigned long, int);
      void (*ack_irq)(unsigned long);
      void (*device_interrupt)(unsigned long vector);
      void (*machine_check)(u64 vector, u64 la);

      void (*smp_callin)(void);
      void (*init_arch)(void);
      void (*init_irq)(void);
      void (*init_rtc)(void);
      void (*init_pci)(void);
      void (*kill_arch)(int);

      u8 (*pci_swizzle)(struct pci_dev *, u8 *);
      int (*pci_map_irq)(struct pci_dev *, u8, u8);
      struct pci_ops *pci_ops;

      struct _alpha_agp_info *(*agp_info)(void);

      const char *vector_name;

      /* NUMA information */
      int (*pa_to_nid)(unsigned long);
      int (*cpuid_to_nid)(int);
      unsigned long (*node_mem_start)(int);
      unsigned long (*node_mem_size)(int);

      /* System specific parameters.  */
      union {
          struct {
            unsigned long gru_int_req_bits;
          } cia;

          struct {
            unsigned long gamma_bias;
          } t2;

          struct {
            unsigned int route_tab;
          } sio;
      } sys;

extern struct alpha_machine_vector alpha_mv;

extern int alpha_using_srm;
#define alpha_using_srm 1
#define alpha_using_srm 0
#endif /* GENERIC */

#endif /* __ALPHA_MACHVEC_H */

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