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#ifdef __KERNEL__

 * Maximum page that is mapped directly into kernel memory.
 * XXX: Since we copy virt we can use any page we allocate

 * Maximum address we can reach in physical address mode.
 * XXX: I want to allow initrd in highmem. Otherwise set to rmo on LPAR.

/* Maximum address we can use for the control code buffer */
#ifdef __powerpc64__
/* TASK_SIZE, probably left over from use_mm ?? */


/* The native architecture */
#ifdef __powerpc64__

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#include <linux/cpumask.h>

typedef void (*crash_shutdown_t)(void);


#ifdef __powerpc64__
 * This function is responsible for capturing register states if coming
 * via panic or invoking dump using sysrq-trigger.
static inline void crash_setup_regs(struct pt_regs *newregs,
                              struct pt_regs *oldregs)
      if (oldregs)
            memcpy(newregs, oldregs, sizeof(*newregs));
      else {
            /* FIXME Merge this with xmon_save_regs ?? */
            unsigned long tmp1, tmp2;
            __asm__ __volatile__ (
                  "std    0,0(%2)\n"
                  "std    1,8(%2)\n"
                  "std    2,16(%2)\n"
                  "std    3,24(%2)\n"
                  "std    4,32(%2)\n"
                  "std    5,40(%2)\n"
                  "std    6,48(%2)\n"
                  "std    7,56(%2)\n"
                  "std    8,64(%2)\n"
                  "std    9,72(%2)\n"
                  "std    10,80(%2)\n"
                  "std    11,88(%2)\n"
                  "std    12,96(%2)\n"
                  "std    13,104(%2)\n"
                  "std    14,112(%2)\n"
                  "std    15,120(%2)\n"
                  "std    16,128(%2)\n"
                  "std    17,136(%2)\n"
                  "std    18,144(%2)\n"
                  "std    19,152(%2)\n"
                  "std    20,160(%2)\n"
                  "std    21,168(%2)\n"
                  "std    22,176(%2)\n"
                  "std    23,184(%2)\n"
                  "std    24,192(%2)\n"
                  "std    25,200(%2)\n"
                  "std    26,208(%2)\n"
                  "std    27,216(%2)\n"
                  "std    28,224(%2)\n"
                  "std    29,232(%2)\n"
                  "std    30,240(%2)\n"
                  "std    31,248(%2)\n"
                  "mfmsr  %0\n"
                  "std    %0, 264(%2)\n"
                  "mfctr  %0\n"
                  "std    %0, 280(%2)\n"
                  "mflr   %0\n"
                  "std    %0, 288(%2)\n"
                  "bl     1f\n"
            "1:     mflr   %1\n"
                  "std    %1, 256(%2)\n"
                  "mtlr   %0\n"
                  "mfxer  %0\n"
                  "std    %0, 296(%2)\n"
                  : "=&r" (tmp1), "=&r" (tmp2)
                  : "b" (newregs)
                  : "memory");
 * Provide a dummy definition to avoid build failures. Will remain
 * empty till crash dump support is enabled.
static inline void crash_setup_regs(struct pt_regs *newregs,
                              struct pt_regs *oldregs) { }
#endif /* !__powerpc64 __ */

extern void kexec_smp_wait(void);   /* get and clear naca physid, wait for
                                master to copy new code to 0 */
extern int crashing_cpu;
extern void crash_send_ipi(void (*crash_ipi_callback)(struct pt_regs *));
extern cpumask_t cpus_in_sr;
static inline int kexec_sr_activated(int cpu)
      return cpu_isset(cpu,cpus_in_sr);

struct kimage;
struct pt_regs;
extern void default_machine_kexec(struct kimage *image);
extern int default_machine_kexec_prepare(struct kimage *image);
extern void default_machine_crash_shutdown(struct pt_regs *regs);
extern int crash_shutdown_register(crash_shutdown_t handler);
extern int crash_shutdown_unregister(crash_shutdown_t handler);

extern void machine_kexec_simple(struct kimage *image);
extern void crash_kexec_secondary(struct pt_regs *regs);
extern int overlaps_crashkernel(unsigned long start, unsigned long size);
extern void reserve_crashkernel(void);

#else /* !CONFIG_KEXEC */
static inline int kexec_sr_activated(int cpu) { return 0; }
static inline void crash_kexec_secondary(struct pt_regs *regs) { }

static inline int overlaps_crashkernel(unsigned long start, unsigned long size)
      return 0;

static inline void reserve_crashkernel(void) { ; }

static inline int crash_shutdown_register(crash_shutdown_t handler)
      return 0;

static inline int crash_shutdown_unregister(crash_shutdown_t handler)
      return 0;

#endif /* CONFIG_KEXEC */
#endif /* ! __ASSEMBLY__ */
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
#endif /* _ASM_POWERPC_KEXEC_H */

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