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#ifndef S390_CCWGROUP_H
#define S390_CCWGROUP_H

struct ccw_device;
struct ccw_driver;

 * struct ccwgroup_device - ccw group device
 * @creator_id: unique number of the driver
 * @state: online/offline state
 * @count: number of attached slave devices
 * @dev: embedded device structure
 * @cdev: variable number of slave devices, allocated as needed
00015 struct ccwgroup_device {
      unsigned long creator_id;
      enum {
      } state;
/* private: */
      atomic_t onoff;
      struct mutex reg_mutex;
/* public: */
      unsigned int count;
      struct device     dev;
      struct ccw_device *cdev[0];

 * struct ccwgroup_driver - driver for ccw group devices
 * @owner: driver owner
 * @name: driver name
 * @max_slaves: maximum number of slave devices
 * @driver_id: unique id
 * @probe: function called on probe
 * @remove: function called on remove
 * @set_online: function called when device is set online
 * @set_offline: function called when device is set offline
 * @shutdown: function called when device is shut down
 * @driver: embedded driver structure
struct ccwgroup_driver {
      struct module *owner;
      char *name;
      int max_slaves;
      unsigned long driver_id;

      int (*probe) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
      void (*remove) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
      int (*set_online) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
      int (*set_offline) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
      void (*shutdown)(struct ccwgroup_device *);

      struct device_driver driver;

extern int  ccwgroup_driver_register   (struct ccwgroup_driver *cdriver);
extern void ccwgroup_driver_unregister (struct ccwgroup_driver *cdriver);
int ccwgroup_create_from_string(struct device *root, unsigned int creator_id,
                        struct ccw_driver *cdrv, int num_devices,
                        const char *buf);

extern int ccwgroup_probe_ccwdev(struct ccw_device *cdev);
extern void ccwgroup_remove_ccwdev(struct ccw_device *cdev);

#define to_ccwgroupdev(x) container_of((x), struct ccwgroup_device, dev)
#define to_ccwgroupdrv(x) container_of((x), struct ccwgroup_driver, driver)

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