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 * Generate definitions needed by assembly language modules.
 * This code generates raw asm output which is post-processed
 * to extract and format the required data.

#include <linux/sched.h>
#include <linux/signal.h>
#include <linux/personality.h>
#include <linux/kbuild.h>
#include <asm/registers.h>
#include <asm/ucontext.h>
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/thread_info.h>
#include <asm/gdb-stub.h>

#define DEF_PTREG(sym, reg) \
        asm volatile("\n->" #sym " %0 offsetof(struct pt_regs, " #reg ")" \
                 : : "i" (offsetof(struct pt_regs, reg)))

#define DEF_IREG(sym, reg) \
        asm volatile("\n->" #sym " %0 offsetof(struct user_context, " #reg ")" \
                 : : "i" (offsetof(struct user_context, reg)))

#define DEF_FREG(sym, reg) \
        asm volatile("\n->" #sym " %0 offsetof(struct user_context, " #reg ")" \
                 : : "i" (offsetof(struct user_context, reg)))

#define DEF_0REG(sym, reg) \
        asm volatile("\n->" #sym " %0 offsetof(struct frv_frame0, " #reg ")" \
                 : : "i" (offsetof(struct frv_frame0, reg)))

void foo(void)
      /* offsets into the thread_info structure */
      OFFSET(TI_TASK,               thread_info, task);
      OFFSET(TI_EXEC_DOMAIN,        thread_info, exec_domain);
      OFFSET(TI_FLAGS,        thread_info, flags);
      OFFSET(TI_STATUS,       thread_info, status);
      OFFSET(TI_CPU,                thread_info, cpu);
      OFFSET(TI_PREEMPT_COUNT,      thread_info, preempt_count);
      OFFSET(TI_ADDR_LIMIT,         thread_info, addr_limit);
      OFFSET(TI_RESTART_BLOCK,      thread_info, restart_block);

      /* offsets into register file storage */
      DEF_PTREG(REG_PSR,            psr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_ISR,            isr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_CCR,            ccr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_CCCR,           cccr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_LR,       lr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_LCR,            lcr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_PC,       pc);
      DEF_PTREG(REG__STATUS,        __status);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_SYSCALLNO,      syscallno);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_ORIG_GR8,       orig_gr8);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_GNER0,          gner0);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_GNER1,          gner1);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_IACC0,          iacc0);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_TBR,            tbr);
      DEF_PTREG(REG_GR0,            tbr);
      DEFINE(REG__END,        sizeof(struct pt_regs));

      DEF_0REG(REG_DCR,       debug.dcr);
      DEF_0REG(REG_IBAR0,           debug.ibar[0]);
      DEF_0REG(REG_DBAR0,           debug.dbar[0]);
      DEF_0REG(REG_DBDR00,          debug.dbdr[0][0]);
      DEF_0REG(REG_DBMR00,          debug.dbmr[0][0]);

      DEF_IREG(__INT_GR0,           i.gr[0]);
      DEF_FREG(__USER_FPMEDIA,      f);
      DEF_FREG(__FPMEDIA_FR0,       f.fr[0]);
      DEF_FREG(__FPMEDIA_FNER0,     f.fner[0]);
      DEF_FREG(__FPMEDIA_MSR0,      f.msr[0]);
      DEF_FREG(__FPMEDIA_ACC0,      f.acc[0]);
      DEF_FREG(__FPMEDIA_ACCG0,     f.accg[0]);
      DEF_FREG(__FPMEDIA_FSR0,      f.fsr[0]);

      DEFINE(NR_PT_REGS,            sizeof(struct pt_regs) / 4);
      DEFINE(NR_USER_INT_REGS,      sizeof(struct user_int_regs) / 4);
      DEFINE(NR_USER_FPMEDIA_REGS,  sizeof(struct user_fpmedia_regs) / 4);
      DEFINE(NR_USER_CONTEXT,       sizeof(struct user_context) / 4);
      DEFINE(FRV_FRAME0_SIZE,       sizeof(struct frv_frame0));

      /* offsets into thread_struct */
      OFFSET(__THREAD_FRAME,        thread_struct, frame);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_CURR,         thread_struct, curr);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_SP,           thread_struct, sp);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_FP,           thread_struct, fp);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_LR,           thread_struct, lr);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_PC,           thread_struct, pc);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_GR16,         thread_struct, gr[0]);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_SCHED_LR,     thread_struct, sched_lr);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_FRAME0,       thread_struct, frame0);
      OFFSET(__THREAD_USER,         thread_struct, user);

      /* offsets into frv_debug_status */
      OFFSET(DEBUG_BPSR,            frv_debug_status, bpsr);
      OFFSET(DEBUG_DCR,       frv_debug_status, dcr);
      OFFSET(DEBUG_BRR,       frv_debug_status, brr);
      OFFSET(DEBUG_NMAR,            frv_debug_status, nmar);

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