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 * CPM2 Internal Memory Map
 * Copyright (c) 1999 Dan Malek (dmalek@jlc.net)
 * The Internal Memory Map for devices with CPM2 on them.  This
 * is the superset of all CPM2 devices (8260, 8266, 8280, 8272,
 * 8560).
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#ifndef __IMMAP_CPM2__
#define __IMMAP_CPM2__

#include <linux/types.h>

/* System configuration registers.
typedef     struct sys_82xx_conf {
      u32   sc_siumcr;
      u32   sc_sypcr;
      u8    res1[6];
      u16   sc_swsr;
      u8    res2[20];
      u32   sc_bcr;
      u8    sc_ppc_acr;
      u8    res3[3];
      u32   sc_ppc_alrh;
      u32   sc_ppc_alrl;
      u8    sc_lcl_acr;
      u8    res4[3];
      u32   sc_lcl_alrh;
      u32   sc_lcl_alrl;
      u32   sc_tescr1;
      u32   sc_tescr2;
      u32   sc_ltescr1;
      u32   sc_ltescr2;
      u32   sc_pdtea;
      u8    sc_pdtem;
      u8    res5[3];
      u32   sc_ldtea;
      u8    sc_ldtem;
      u8    res6[163];
} sysconf_82xx_cpm2_t;

typedef     struct sys_85xx_conf {
      u32   sc_cear;
      u16   sc_ceer;
      u16   sc_cemr;
      u8    res1[70];
      u32   sc_smaer;
      u8    res2[4];
      u32   sc_smevr;
      u32   sc_smctr;
      u32   sc_lmaer;
      u8    res3[4];
      u32   sc_lmevr;
      u32   sc_lmctr;
      u8    res4[144];
} sysconf_85xx_cpm2_t;

typedef union sys_conf {
      sysconf_82xx_cpm2_t     siu_82xx;
      sysconf_85xx_cpm2_t     siu_85xx;
} sysconf_cpm2_t;

/* Memory controller registers.
typedef struct    mem_ctlr {
      u32   memc_br0;
      u32   memc_or0;
      u32   memc_br1;
      u32   memc_or1;
      u32   memc_br2;
      u32   memc_or2;
      u32   memc_br3;
      u32   memc_or3;
      u32   memc_br4;
      u32   memc_or4;
      u32   memc_br5;
      u32   memc_or5;
      u32   memc_br6;
      u32   memc_or6;
      u32   memc_br7;
      u32   memc_or7;
      u32   memc_br8;
      u32   memc_or8;
      u32   memc_br9;
      u32   memc_or9;
      u32   memc_br10;
      u32   memc_or10;
      u32   memc_br11;
      u32   memc_or11;
      u8    res1[8];
      u32   memc_mar;
      u8    res2[4];
      u32   memc_mamr;
      u32   memc_mbmr;
      u32   memc_mcmr;
      u8    res3[8];
      u16   memc_mptpr;
      u8    res4[2];
      u32   memc_mdr;
      u8    res5[4];
      u32   memc_psdmr;
      u32   memc_lsdmr;
      u8    memc_purt;
      u8    res6[3];
      u8    memc_psrt;
      u8    res7[3];
      u8    memc_lurt;
      u8    res8[3];
      u8    memc_lsrt;
      u8    res9[3];
      u32   memc_immr;
      u32   memc_pcibr0;
      u32   memc_pcibr1;
      u8    res10[16];
      u32   memc_pcimsk0;
      u32   memc_pcimsk1;
      u8    res11[52];
} memctl_cpm2_t;

/* System Integration Timers.
typedef struct    sys_int_timers {
      u8    res1[32];
      u16   sit_tmcntsc;
      u8    res2[2];
      u32   sit_tmcnt;
      u8    res3[4];
      u32   sit_tmcntal;
      u8    res4[16];
      u16   sit_piscr;
      u8    res5[2];
      u32   sit_pitc;
      u32   sit_pitr;
      u8      res6[94];
      u8    res7[390];
} sit_cpm2_t;

#define PISCR_PIRQ_MASK       ((u16)0xff00)
#define PISCR_PS        ((u16)0x0080)
#define PISCR_PIE       ((u16)0x0004)
#define PISCR_PTF       ((u16)0x0002)
#define PISCR_PTE       ((u16)0x0001)

/* PCI Controller.
typedef struct pci_ctlr {
      u32   pci_omisr;
      u32   pci_omimr;
      u8    res1[8];
      u32   pci_ifqpr;
      u32   pci_ofqpr;
      u8    res2[8];
      u32   pci_imr0;
      u32   pci_imr1;
      u32   pci_omr0;
      u32   pci_omr1;
      u32   pci_odr;
      u8    res3[4];
      u32   pci_idr;
      u8    res4[20];
      u32   pci_imisr;
      u32   pci_imimr;
      u8    res5[24];
      u32   pci_ifhpr;
      u8    res6[4];
      u32   pci_iftpr;
      u8    res7[4];
      u32   pci_iphpr;
      u8    res8[4];
      u32   pci_iptpr;
      u8    res9[4];
      u32   pci_ofhpr;
      u8    res10[4];
      u32   pci_oftpr;
      u8    res11[4];
      u32   pci_ophpr;
      u8    res12[4];
      u32   pci_optpr;
      u8    res13[8];
      u32   pci_mucr;
      u8    res14[8];
      u32   pci_qbar;
      u8    res15[12];
      u32   pci_dmamr0;
      u32   pci_dmasr0;
      u32   pci_dmacdar0;
      u8    res16[4];
      u32   pci_dmasar0;
      u8    res17[4];
      u32   pci_dmadar0;
      u8    res18[4];
      u32   pci_dmabcr0;
      u32   pci_dmandar0;
      u8    res19[86];
      u32   pci_dmamr1;
      u32   pci_dmasr1;
      u32   pci_dmacdar1;
      u8    res20[4];
      u32   pci_dmasar1;
      u8    res21[4];
      u32   pci_dmadar1;
      u8    res22[4];
      u32   pci_dmabcr1;
      u32   pci_dmandar1;
      u8    res23[88];
      u32   pci_dmamr2;
      u32   pci_dmasr2;
      u32   pci_dmacdar2;
      u8    res24[4];
      u32   pci_dmasar2;
      u8    res25[4];
      u32   pci_dmadar2;
      u8    res26[4];
      u32   pci_dmabcr2;
      u32   pci_dmandar2;
      u8    res27[88];
      u32   pci_dmamr3;
      u32   pci_dmasr3;
      u32   pci_dmacdar3;
      u8    res28[4];
      u32   pci_dmasar3;
      u8    res29[4];
      u32   pci_dmadar3;
      u8    res30[4];
      u32   pci_dmabcr3;
      u32   pci_dmandar3;
      u8    res31[344];
      u32   pci_potar0;
      u8    res32[4];
      u32   pci_pobar0;
      u8    res33[4];
      u32   pci_pocmr0;
      u8    res34[4];
      u32   pci_potar1;
      u8    res35[4];
      u32   pci_pobar1;
      u8    res36[4];
      u32   pci_pocmr1;
      u8    res37[4];
      u32   pci_potar2;
      u8    res38[4];
      u32   pci_pobar2;
      u8    res39[4];
      u32   pci_pocmr2;
      u8    res40[50];
      u32   pci_ptcr;
      u32   pci_gpcr;
      u32   pci_gcr;
      u32   pci_esr;
      u32   pci_emr;
      u32   pci_ecr;
      u32   pci_eacr;
      u8    res41[4];
      u32   pci_edcr;
      u8    res42[4];
      u32   pci_eccr;
      u8    res43[44];
      u32   pci_pitar1;
      u8    res44[4];
      u32   pci_pibar1;
      u8    res45[4];
      u32   pci_picmr1;
      u8    res46[4];
      u32   pci_pitar0;
      u8    res47[4];
      u32   pci_pibar0;
      u8    res48[4];
      u32   pci_picmr0;
      u8    res49[4];
      u32   pci_cfg_addr;
      u32   pci_cfg_data;
      u32   pci_int_ack;
      u8    res50[756];
} pci_cpm2_t;

/* Interrupt Controller.
typedef struct interrupt_controller {
      u16   ic_sicr;
      u8    res1[2];
      u32   ic_sivec;
      u32   ic_sipnrh;
      u32   ic_sipnrl;
      u32   ic_siprr;
      u32   ic_scprrh;
      u32   ic_scprrl;
      u32   ic_simrh;
      u32   ic_simrl;
      u32   ic_siexr;
      u8    res2[88];
} intctl_cpm2_t;

/* Clocks and Reset.
typedef struct clk_and_reset {
      u32   car_sccr;
      u8    res1[4];
      u32   car_scmr;
      u8    res2[4];
      u32   car_rsr;
      u32   car_rmr;
      u8    res[104];
} car_cpm2_t;

/* Input/Output Port control/status registers.
 * Names consistent with processor manual, although they are different
 * from the original 8xx names.......
typedef struct io_port {
      u32   iop_pdira;
      u32   iop_ppara;
      u32   iop_psora;
      u32   iop_podra;
      u32   iop_pdata;
      u8    res1[12];
      u32   iop_pdirb;
      u32   iop_pparb;
      u32   iop_psorb;
      u32   iop_podrb;
      u32   iop_pdatb;
      u8    res2[12];
      u32   iop_pdirc;
      u32   iop_pparc;
      u32   iop_psorc;
      u32   iop_podrc;
      u32   iop_pdatc;
      u8    res3[12];
      u32   iop_pdird;
      u32   iop_ppard;
      u32   iop_psord;
      u32   iop_podrd;
      u32   iop_pdatd;
      u8    res4[12];
} iop_cpm2_t;

/* Communication Processor Module Timers
typedef struct cpm_timers {
      u8    cpmt_tgcr1;
      u8    res1[3];
      u8    cpmt_tgcr2;
      u8    res2[11];
      u16   cpmt_tmr1;
      u16   cpmt_tmr2;
      u16   cpmt_trr1;
      u16   cpmt_trr2;
      u16   cpmt_tcr1;
      u16   cpmt_tcr2;
      u16   cpmt_tcn1;
      u16   cpmt_tcn2;
      u16   cpmt_tmr3;
      u16   cpmt_tmr4;
      u16   cpmt_trr3;
      u16   cpmt_trr4;
      u16   cpmt_tcr3;
      u16   cpmt_tcr4;
      u16   cpmt_tcn3;
      u16   cpmt_tcn4;
      u16   cpmt_ter1;
      u16   cpmt_ter2;
      u16   cpmt_ter3;
      u16   cpmt_ter4;
      u8    res3[584];
} cpmtimer_cpm2_t;

/* DMA control/status registers.
typedef struct sdma_csr {
      u8    res0[24];
      u8    sdma_sdsr;
      u8    res1[3];
      u8    sdma_sdmr;
      u8    res2[3];
      u8    sdma_idsr1;
      u8    res3[3];
      u8    sdma_idmr1;
      u8    res4[3];
      u8    sdma_idsr2;
      u8    res5[3];
      u8    sdma_idmr2;
      u8    res6[3];
      u8    sdma_idsr3;
      u8    res7[3];
      u8    sdma_idmr3;
      u8    res8[3];
      u8    sdma_idsr4;
      u8    res9[3];
      u8    sdma_idmr4;
      u8    res10[707];
} sdma_cpm2_t;

/* Fast controllers
typedef struct fcc {
      u32   fcc_gfmr;
      u32   fcc_fpsmr;
      u16   fcc_ftodr;
      u8    res1[2];
      u16   fcc_fdsr;
      u8    res2[2];
      u16   fcc_fcce;
      u8    res3[2];
      u16   fcc_fccm;
      u8    res4[2];
      u8    fcc_fccs;
      u8    res5[3];
      u8    fcc_ftirr_phy[4];
} fcc_t;

/* Fast controllers continued
typedef struct fcc_c {
      u32   fcc_firper;
      u32   fcc_firer;
      u32   fcc_firsr_hi;
      u32   fcc_firsr_lo;
      u8    fcc_gfemr;
      u8    res1[15];
} fcc_c_t;

/* TC Layer
typedef struct tclayer {
      u16   tc_tcmode;
      u16   tc_cdsmr;
      u16   tc_tcer;
      u16   tc_rcc;
      u16   tc_tcmr;
      u16   tc_fcc;
      u16   tc_ccc;
      u16   tc_icc;
      u16   tc_tcc;
      u16   tc_ecc;
      u8    res1[12];
} tclayer_t;

/* I2C
typedef struct i2c {
      u8    i2c_i2mod;
      u8    res1[3];
      u8    i2c_i2add;
      u8    res2[3];
      u8    i2c_i2brg;
      u8    res3[3];
      u8    i2c_i2com;
      u8    res4[3];
      u8    i2c_i2cer;
      u8    res5[3];
      u8    i2c_i2cmr;
      u8    res6[331];
} i2c_cpm2_t;

typedef struct scc {          /* Serial communication channels */
      u32   scc_gsmrl;
      u32   scc_gsmrh;
      u16   scc_psmr;
      u8    res1[2];
      u16   scc_todr;
      u16   scc_dsr;
      u16   scc_scce;
      u8    res2[2];
      u16   scc_sccm;
      u8    res3;
      u8    scc_sccs;
      u8    res4[8];
} scc_t;

typedef struct smc {          /* Serial management channels */
      u8    res1[2];
      u16   smc_smcmr;
      u8    res2[2];
      u8    smc_smce;
      u8    res3[3];
      u8    smc_smcm;
      u8    res4[5];
} smc_t;

/* Serial Peripheral Interface.
typedef struct spi_ctrl {
      u16   spi_spmode;
      u8    res1[4];
      u8    spi_spie;
      u8    res2[3];
      u8    spi_spim;
      u8    res3[2];
      u8    spi_spcom;
      u8    res4[82];
} spictl_cpm2_t;

/* CPM Mux.
typedef struct cpmux {
      u8    cmx_si1cr;
      u8    res1;
      u8    cmx_si2cr;
      u8    res2;
      u32   cmx_fcr;
      u32   cmx_scr;
      u8    cmx_smr;
      u8    res3;
      u16   cmx_uar;
      u8    res4[16];
} cpmux_t;

/* SIRAM control
typedef struct siram {
      u16   si_amr;
      u16   si_bmr;
      u16   si_cmr;
      u16   si_dmr;
      u8    si_gmr;
      u8    res1;
      u8    si_cmdr;
      u8    res2;
      u8    si_str;
      u8    res3;
      u16   si_rsr;
} siramctl_t;

typedef struct mcc {
      u16   mcc_mcce;
      u8    res1[2];
      u16   mcc_mccm;
      u8    res2[2];
      u8    mcc_mccf;
      u8    res3[7];
} mcc_t;

typedef struct comm_proc {
      u32   cp_cpcr;
      u32   cp_rccr;
      u8    res1[14];
      u16   cp_rter;
      u8    res2[2];
      u16   cp_rtmr;
      u16   cp_rtscr;
      u8    res3[2];
      u32   cp_rtsr;
      u8    res4[12];
} cpm_cpm2_t;

/* USB Controller.
typedef struct usb_ctlr {
      u8    usb_usmod;
      u8    usb_usadr;
      u8    usb_uscom;
      u8    res1[1];
      __be16  usb_usep[4];
      u8    res2[4];
      __be16  usb_usber;
      u8    res3[2];
      __be16  usb_usbmr;
      u8    usb_usbs;
      u8    res4[7];
} usb_cpm2_t;

/* ...and the whole thing wrapped up....

typedef struct immap {
      /* Some references are into the unique and known dpram spaces,
       * others are from the generic base.
#define im_dprambase    im_dpram1
      u8          im_dpram1[16*1024];
      u8          res1[16*1024];
      u8          im_dpram2[4*1024];
      u8          res2[8*1024];
      u8          im_dpram3[4*1024];
      u8          res3[16*1024];

      sysconf_cpm2_t    im_siu_conf;      /* SIU Configuration */
      memctl_cpm2_t     im_memctl;  /* Memory Controller */
      sit_cpm2_t  im_sit;           /* System Integration Timers */
      pci_cpm2_t  im_pci;           /* PCI Controller */
      intctl_cpm2_t     im_intctl;  /* Interrupt Controller */
      car_cpm2_t  im_clkrst;  /* Clocks and reset */
      iop_cpm2_t  im_ioport;  /* IO Port control/status */
      cpmtimer_cpm2_t   im_cpmtimer;      /* CPM timers */
      sdma_cpm2_t im_sdma;    /* SDMA control/status */

      fcc_t       im_fcc[3];  /* Three FCCs */
      u8          res4z[32];
      fcc_c_t           im_fcc_c[3];      /* Continued FCCs */

      u8          res4[32];

      tclayer_t   im_tclayer[8];    /* Eight TCLayers */
      u16         tc_tcgsr;
      u16         tc_tcger;

      /* First set of baud rate generators.
      u8          res[236];
      u32         im_brgc5;
      u32         im_brgc6;
      u32         im_brgc7;
      u32         im_brgc8;

      u8          res5[608];

      i2c_cpm2_t  im_i2c;           /* I2C control/status */
      cpm_cpm2_t  im_cpm;           /* Communication processor */

      /* Second set of baud rate generators.
      u32         im_brgc1;
      u32         im_brgc2;
      u32         im_brgc3;
      u32         im_brgc4;

      scc_t       im_scc[4];  /* Four SCCs */
      smc_t       im_smc[2];  /* Couple of SMCs */
      spictl_cpm2_t     im_spi;           /* A SPI */
      cpmux_t           im_cpmux;   /* CPM clock route mux */
      siramctl_t  im_siramctl1;     /* First SI RAM Control */
      mcc_t       im_mcc1;    /* First MCC */
      siramctl_t  im_siramctl2;     /* Second SI RAM Control */
      mcc_t       im_mcc2;    /* Second MCC */
      usb_cpm2_t  im_usb;           /* USB Controller */

      u8          res6[1153];

      u16         im_si1txram[256];
      u8          res7[512];
      u16         im_si1rxram[256];
      u8          res8[512];
      u16         im_si2txram[256];
      u8          res9[512];
      u16         im_si2rxram[256];
      u8          res10[512];
      u8          res11[4096];
} cpm2_map_t;

extern cpm2_map_t __iomem *cpm2_immr;

#endif /* __IMMAP_CPM2__ */
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */

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