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#define ZYLONITE_ETH_PHYS     0x14000000

#define EXT_GPIO(x)           (128 + (x))

/* the following variables are processor specific and initialized
 * by the corresponding zylonite_pxa3xx_init()
struct platform_mmc_slot {
      int gpio_cd;
      int gpio_wp;

extern struct platform_mmc_slot zylonite_mmc_slot[];

extern int gpio_eth_irq;
extern int gpio_debug_led1;
extern int gpio_debug_led2;

extern int wm9713_irq;

extern int lcd_id;
extern int lcd_orientation;

#ifdef CONFIG_CPU_PXA300
extern void zylonite_pxa300_init(void);
static inline void zylonite_pxa300_init(void)
      if (cpu_is_pxa300() || cpu_is_pxa310())
            panic("%s: PXA300/PXA310 not supported\n", __func__);

#ifdef CONFIG_CPU_PXA320
extern void zylonite_pxa320_init(void);
static inline void zylonite_pxa320_init(void)
      if (cpu_is_pxa320())
            panic("%s: PXA320 not supported\n", __func__);

#endif /* __ASM_ARCH_ZYLONITE_H */

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