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ps3_dma_region Struct Reference

#include <ps3.h>

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Detailed Description

struct ps3_dma_region - A per device dma state variables structure : The HV device id. : The ioc pagesize. : The HV region type. : The 'translated' bus address of the region. : The length in bytes of the region. : The offset from the start of memory of the region. : The IOID of the device who owns this region : Opaque variable used by the ioc page manager. : struct ps3_dma_region_ops - dma region operations

Definition at line 82 of file ps3.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned long bus_addr
struct {
   struct list_head   head
   spinlock_t   lock
struct ps3_system_bus_devicedev
unsigned char ioid
unsigned long len
unsigned long offset
enum ps3_dma_page_size page_size
struct ps3_dma_region_ops * region_ops
enum ps3_dma_region_type region_type

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