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 * Architecture specific parts of the Floppy driver
 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.
 * Copyright (C) 1995

#define fd_inb(port)                inb_p(port)
#define fd_outb(value,port)         outb_p(value,port)

#define fd_enable_dma()         enable_dma(FLOPPY_DMA)
#define fd_disable_dma()        disable_dma(FLOPPY_DMA)
#define fd_request_dma()        request_dma(FLOPPY_DMA,"floppy")
#define fd_free_dma()           free_dma(FLOPPY_DMA)
#define fd_clear_dma_ff()       clear_dma_ff(FLOPPY_DMA)
#define fd_set_dma_mode(mode)   set_dma_mode(FLOPPY_DMA,mode)
#define fd_set_dma_addr(addr)   set_dma_addr(FLOPPY_DMA,virt_to_bus(addr))
#define fd_set_dma_count(count) set_dma_count(FLOPPY_DMA,count)
#define fd_enable_irq()         enable_irq(FLOPPY_IRQ)
#define fd_disable_irq()        disable_irq(FLOPPY_IRQ)
#define fd_cacheflush(addr,size) /* nothing */
#define fd_request_irq()        request_irq(FLOPPY_IRQ, floppy_interrupt,\
                                  IRQF_DISABLED, "floppy", NULL)
#define fd_free_irq()           free_irq(FLOPPY_IRQ, NULL);


#include <linux/pci.h>

#define fd_dma_setup(addr,size,mode,io) alpha_fd_dma_setup(addr,size,mode,io)

static __inline__ int 
alpha_fd_dma_setup(char *addr, unsigned long size, int mode, int io)
      static unsigned long prev_size;
      static dma_addr_t bus_addr = 0;
      static char *prev_addr;
      static int prev_dir;
      int dir;


      if (bus_addr 
          && (addr != prev_addr || size != prev_size || dir != prev_dir)) {
            /* different from last time -- unmap prev */
            pci_unmap_single(isa_bridge, bus_addr, prev_size, prev_dir);
            bus_addr = 0;

      if (!bus_addr)    /* need to map it */
            bus_addr = pci_map_single(isa_bridge, addr, size, dir);

      /* remember this one as prev */
      prev_addr = addr;
      prev_size = size;
      prev_dir = dir;

      fd_cacheflush(addr, size);
      set_dma_addr(FLOPPY_DMA, bus_addr);
      virtual_dma_port = io;

      return 0;

#endif /* CONFIG_PCI */

__inline__ void virtual_dma_init(void)
      /* Nothing to do on an Alpha */

static int FDC1 = 0x3f0;
static int FDC2 = -1;

 * Again, the CMOS information doesn't work on the alpha..
#define FLOPPY0_TYPE 6
#define FLOPPY1_TYPE 0

#define N_FDC 2
#define N_DRIVE 8

 * Most Alphas have no problems with floppy DMA crossing 64k borders,
 * except for certain ones, like XL and RUFFIAN.
 * However, the test is simple and fast, and this *is* floppy, after all,
 * so we do it for all platforms, just to make sure.
 * This is advantageous in other circumstances as well, as in moving
 * about the PCI DMA windows and forcing the floppy to start doing
 * scatter-gather when it never had before, and there *is* a problem
 * on that platform... ;-}

static inline unsigned long CROSS_64KB(void *a, unsigned long s)
      unsigned long p = (unsigned long)a;
      return ((p + s - 1) ^ p) & ~0xffffUL;


#endif /* __ASM_ALPHA_FLOPPY_H */

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