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struct sigcontext {
       * What should we have here? I'd probably better use the same
       * stack layout as OSF/1, just in case we ever want to try
       * running their binaries.. 
       * This is the basic layout, but I don't know if we'll ever
       * actually fill in all the values..
       long       sc_onstack;
       long       sc_mask;
       long       sc_pc;
       long       sc_ps;
       long       sc_regs[32];
       long       sc_ownedfp;
       long       sc_fpregs[32];
       unsigned long    sc_fpcr;
       unsigned long    sc_fp_control;
       unsigned long    sc_reserved1, sc_reserved2;
       unsigned long    sc_ssize;
       char *           sc_sbase;
       unsigned long    sc_traparg_a0;
       unsigned long    sc_traparg_a1;
       unsigned long    sc_traparg_a2;
       unsigned long    sc_fp_trap_pc;
       unsigned long    sc_fp_trigger_sum;
       unsigned long    sc_fp_trigger_inst;


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