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 * linux/include/asm-alpha/timex.h
 * ALPHA architecture timex specifications

/* With only one or two oddballs, we use the RTC as the ticker, selecting
   the 32.768kHz reference clock, which nicely divides down to our HZ.  */
#define CLOCK_TICK_RATE 32768

 * Standard way to access the cycle counter.
 * Currently only used on SMP for scheduling.
 * Only the low 32 bits are available as a continuously counting entity. 
 * But this only means we'll force a reschedule every 8 seconds or so,
 * which isn't an evil thing.

typedef unsigned int cycles_t;

static inline cycles_t get_cycles (void)
      cycles_t ret;
      __asm__ __volatile__ ("rpcc %0" : "=r"(ret));
      return ret;


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