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#include <asm/memory.h>
#include <asm/types.h>

struct scatterlist {
      unsigned long     sg_magic;
      unsigned long     page_link;
      unsigned int      offset;           /* buffer offset         */
      dma_addr_t  dma_address;      /* dma address                 */
      unsigned int      length;           /* length                */

 * These macros should be used after a pci_map_sg call has been done
 * to get bus addresses of each of the SG entries and their lengths.
 * You should only work with the number of sg entries pci_map_sg
 * returns, or alternatively stop on the first sg_dma_len(sg) which
 * is 0.
#define sg_dma_address(sg)      ((sg)->dma_address)
#define sg_dma_len(sg)          ((sg)->length)


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