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 * linux/include/asm-mips/txx9/generic.h
 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.
#ifndef __ASM_TXX9_GENERIC_H
#define __ASM_TXX9_GENERIC_H

#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/ioport.h>     /* for struct resource */

extern struct resource txx9_ce_res[];
#define TXX9_CE(n)      (unsigned long)(txx9_ce_res[(n)].start)
extern unsigned int txx9_pcode;
extern char txx9_pcode_str[8];
void txx9_reg_res_init(unsigned int pcode, unsigned long base,
                   unsigned long size);

extern unsigned int txx9_master_clock;
extern unsigned int txx9_cpu_clock;
extern unsigned int txx9_gbus_clock;
#define TXX9_IMCLK      (txx9_gbus_clock / 2)

extern int txx9_ccfg_toeon;
struct uart_port;
int early_serial_txx9_setup(struct uart_port *port);

struct pci_dev;
struct txx9_board_vec {
      const char *system;
      void (*prom_init)(void);
      void (*mem_setup)(void);
      void (*irq_setup)(void);
      void (*time_init)(void);
      void (*arch_init)(void);
      void (*device_init)(void);
      int (*pci_map_irq)(const struct pci_dev *dev, u8 slot, u8 pin);
extern struct txx9_board_vec *txx9_board_vec;
extern int (*txx9_irq_dispatch)(int pending);
char *prom_getcmdline(void);
const char *prom_getenv(const char *name);
void txx9_wdt_init(unsigned long base);
void txx9_wdt_now(unsigned long base);
void txx9_spi_init(int busid, unsigned long base, int irq);
void txx9_ethaddr_init(unsigned int id, unsigned char *ethaddr);
void txx9_sio_init(unsigned long baseaddr, int irq,
               unsigned int line, unsigned int sclk, int nocts);
void prom_putchar(char c);
extern void (*txx9_prom_putchar)(char c);
void txx9_sio_putchar_init(unsigned long baseaddr);
static inline void txx9_sio_putchar_init(unsigned long baseaddr)

struct physmap_flash_data;
void txx9_physmap_flash_init(int no, unsigned long addr, unsigned long size,
                       const struct physmap_flash_data *pdata);

/* 8 bit version of __fls(): find first bit set (returns 0..7) */
static inline unsigned int __fls8(unsigned char x)
      int r = 7;

      if (!(x & 0xf0)) {
            r -= 4;
            x <<= 4;
      if (!(x & 0xc0)) {
            r -= 2;
            x <<= 2;
      if (!(x & 0x80))
            r -= 1;
      return r;

void txx9_iocled_init(unsigned long baseaddr,
                  int basenum, unsigned int num, int lowactive,
                  const char *color, char **deftriggers);

/* 7SEG LED */
void txx9_7segled_init(unsigned int num,
                   void (*putc)(unsigned int pos, unsigned char val));
int txx9_7segled_putc(unsigned int pos, char c);

#endif /* __ASM_TXX9_GENERIC_H */

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