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#ifndef __ASM_AVR32_ARCH_GPIO_H
#define __ASM_AVR32_ARCH_GPIO_H

#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include <asm/irq.h>

/* Some GPIO chips can manage IRQs; some can't.  The exact numbers can
 * be changed if needed, but for the moment they're not configurable.
#define ARCH_NR_GPIOS   (NR_GPIO_IRQS + 2 * 32)

/* Arch-neutral GPIO API, supporting both "native" and external GPIOs. */
#include <asm-generic/gpio.h>

static inline int gpio_get_value(unsigned int gpio)
      return __gpio_get_value(gpio);

static inline void gpio_set_value(unsigned int gpio, int value)
      __gpio_set_value(gpio, value);

static inline int gpio_cansleep(unsigned int gpio)
      return __gpio_cansleep(gpio);

static inline int gpio_to_irq(unsigned int gpio)
      if (gpio < NR_GPIO_IRQS)
            return gpio + GPIO_IRQ_BASE;
      return -EINVAL;

static inline int irq_to_gpio(unsigned int irq)
      return irq - GPIO_IRQ_BASE;

#endif /* __ASM_AVR32_ARCH_GPIO_H */

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