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extern void cris_delay10ns(u32 n10ns);
#define udelay(u) cris_delay10ns((u)*100)
#define ndelay(n) cris_delay10ns(((n)+9)/10)

 * Not used anymore for udelay or ndelay.  Referenced by
 * e.g. init/calibrate.c.  All other references are likely bugs;
 * should be replaced by mdelay, udelay or ndelay.

static inline void
__delay(int loops)
      __asm__ __volatile__ (
            "move.d %0, $r9\n\t"
            "beq 2f\n\t"
            "subq 1, $r9\n\t"
            "bne 1b\n\t"
            "subq 1, $r9\n"
            : : "g" (loops) : "r9");

#endif /* _ASM_CRIS_ARCH_DELAY_H */

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