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 * l1layout.h
 * Defines a layout of L1 scratchpad memory that userspace can rely on.

#ifndef _L1LAYOUT_H_
#define _L1LAYOUT_H_

#include <asm/blackfin.h>

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__

/* Data that is "mapped" into the process VM at the start of the L1 scratch
   memory, so that each process can access it at a fixed address.  Used for
   stack checking.  */
struct l1_scratch_task_info
      /* Points to the start of the stack.  */
      void *stack_start;
      /* Not updated by the kernel; a user process can modify this to
         keep track of the lowest address of the stack pointer during its
         runtime.  */
      void *lowest_sp;

/* A pointer to the structure in memory.  */
#define L1_SCRATCH_TASK_INFO ((struct l1_scratch_task_info *)L1_SCRATCH_START)



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