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void mxc_free_iomux ( iomux_pin_name_t  pin,
iomux_pin_cfg_t  config 

Release ownership for an IO pin

pin a name defined by iomux_pin_name_t
config config as defined in iomux_pin_ocfg_t

Definition at line 176 of file iomux.c.

References IOMUX_CONFIG_GPIO, and mxc_free_gpio().

      u32 pin_index = PIN_TO_IOMUX_INDEX(pin);
      u8 *rp = iomux_pin_res_table + pin_index;
      int gpio_port = GPIO_TO_PORT(IOMUX_TO_GPIO(pin));

      *rp = 0;
      if ((gpio_port != NON_GPIO_PORT)
          && ((config == IOMUX_CONFIG_GPIO)
            || (config == PIN_TO_ALT_GPIO(pin))))


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