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 *  ssp.h
 *  Copyright (C) 2003 Russell King, All Rights Reserved.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This driver supports the following PXA CPU/SSP ports:-
 *       PXA250     SSP
 *       PXA255     SSP, NSSP
 *       PXA26x     SSP, NSSP, ASSP
 *       PXA27x     SSP1, SSP2, SSP3
 *       PXA3xx     SSP1, SSP2, SSP3, SSP4

#ifndef __ASM_ARCH_SSP_H
#define __ASM_ARCH_SSP_H

#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/io.h>

enum pxa_ssp_type {
      SSP_UNDEFINED = 0,
      PXA25x_SSP,  /* pxa 210, 250, 255, 26x */
      PXA25x_NSSP, /* pxa 255, 26x (including ASSP) */

struct ssp_device {
      struct platform_device *pdev;
      struct list_head  node;

      struct clk  *clk;
      void __iomem      *mmio_base;
      unsigned long     phys_base;

      const char  *label;
      int         port_id;
      int         type;
      int         use_count;
      int         irq;
      int         drcmr_rx;
      int         drcmr_tx;

 * SSP initialisation flags
#define SSP_NO_IRQ      0x1         /* don't register an irq handler in SSP driver */

struct ssp_state {
      u32   cr0;
      u32 cr1;
      u32 to;
      u32 psp;

struct ssp_dev {
      struct ssp_device *ssp;
      u32 port;
      u32 mode;
      u32 flags;
      u32 psp_flags;
      u32 speed;
      int irq;

int ssp_write_word(struct ssp_dev *dev, u32 data);
int ssp_read_word(struct ssp_dev *dev, u32 *data);
int ssp_flush(struct ssp_dev *dev);
void ssp_enable(struct ssp_dev *dev);
void ssp_disable(struct ssp_dev *dev);
void ssp_save_state(struct ssp_dev *dev, struct ssp_state *ssp);
void ssp_restore_state(struct ssp_dev *dev, struct ssp_state *ssp);
int ssp_init(struct ssp_dev *dev, u32 port, u32 init_flags);
int ssp_config(struct ssp_dev *dev, u32 mode, u32 flags, u32 psp_flags, u32 speed);
void ssp_exit(struct ssp_dev *dev);

 * ssp_write_reg - Write to a SSP register
 * @dev: SSP device to access
 * @reg: Register to write to
 * @val: Value to be written.
static inline void ssp_write_reg(struct ssp_device *dev, u32 reg, u32 val)
      __raw_writel(val, dev->mmio_base + reg);

 * ssp_read_reg - Read from a SSP register
 * @dev: SSP device to access
 * @reg: Register to read from
static inline u32 ssp_read_reg(struct ssp_device *dev, u32 reg)
      return __raw_readl(dev->mmio_base + reg);

struct ssp_device *ssp_request(int port, const char *label);
void ssp_free(struct ssp_device *);
#endif /* __ASM_ARCH_SSP_H */

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