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#ifndef _ASM_IA64_MACHVEC_XEN_h
#define _ASM_IA64_MACHVEC_XEN_h

extern ia64_mv_setup_t              dig_setup;
extern ia64_mv_cpu_init_t           xen_cpu_init;
extern ia64_mv_irq_init_t           xen_irq_init;
extern ia64_mv_send_ipi_t           xen_platform_send_ipi;

 * This stuff has dual use!
 * For a generic kernel, the macros are used to initialize the
 * platform's machvec structure.  When compiling a non-generic kernel,
 * the macros are used directly.
#define platform_name                     "xen"
#define platform_setup                    dig_setup
#define platform_cpu_init                 xen_cpu_init
#define platform_irq_init                 xen_irq_init
#define platform_send_ipi                 xen_platform_send_ipi

#endif /* _ASM_IA64_MACHVEC_XEN_h */

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