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dma_chan Struct Reference

#include <dmaengine.h>

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Detailed Description

struct dma_chan - devices supply DMA channels, clients use them : ptr to the dma device who supplies this channel, always !NULL : last cookie value returned to client : channel ID for sysfs : class device for sysfs : kref, used in "bigref" slow-mode : indicates that the DMA channel is free : the DMA channel's RCU head : used to add this to the device chan list : per-cpu pointer to a struct dma_chan_percpu -count: how many clients are using this channel

Definition at line 111 of file au1000_dma.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned long baseval
unsigned long cfgval
int chan_id
int client_count
dma_cookie_t cookie
unsigned long ctlval
const dma_chan_desc_t * desc
struct device dev
int dev_id
const char * dev_str
struct dma_devicedevice
struct list_head device_node
unsigned int fifo_addr
unsigned int io
int irq
void * irq_dev
lithium_t * lith
struct dma_chan_percpulocal
unsigned int mode
struct rcu_head rcu
struct kref refcount
int slow_ref

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