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/* board specific transceiver capabilities */

#define IR_OFF          1
#define IR_SIRMODE      2
#define IR_FIRMODE      4

00010 struct pxaficp_platform_data {
      int transceiver_cap;
      void (*transceiver_mode)(struct device *dev, int mode);
      int (*startup)(struct device *dev);
      void (*shutdown)(struct device *dev);
      int gpio_pwdown;        /* powerdown GPIO for the IrDA chip */
      bool gpio_pwdown_inverted;    /* gpio_pwdown is inverted */

extern void pxa_set_ficp_info(struct pxaficp_platform_data *info);

#if defined(CONFIG_PXA25x) || defined(CONFIG_PXA27x)
void pxa2xx_transceiver_mode(struct device *dev, int mode);


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