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 * Freescale STMP37XX/STMP378X DMA helper interface
 * Embedded Alley Solutions, Inc <source@embeddedalley.com>
 * Copyright 2008 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
 * Copyright 2008 Embedded Alley Solutions, Inc All Rights Reserved.

 * The code contained herein is licensed under the GNU General Public
 * License. You may obtain a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * Version 2 or later at the following locations:
 * http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.html
 * http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/dmapool.h>

#if !defined(MAX_PIO_WORDS)
#define MAX_PIO_WORDS   (15)

#define STMP3XXX_BUS_APBH           0
#define STMP3XXX_BUS_APBX           1
#define STMP3XXX_DMA_BUS(dma)       ((dma) / 16)
#define STMP3XXX_DMA_CHANNEL(dma)   ((dma) % 16)
#define STMP3XXX_DMA(channel, bus)  ((bus) * 16 + (channel))
#define MAX_DMA_ADDRESS             0xffffffff
#define MAX_DMA_CHANNELS            32

00037 struct stmp3xxx_dma_command {
      u32 next;
      u32 cmd;
      union {
            u32 buf_ptr;
            u32 alternate;
      u32 pio_words[MAX_PIO_WORDS];

00047 struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor {
      struct stmp3xxx_dma_command *command;
      dma_addr_t handle;

      /* The virtual address of the buffer pointer */
      void *virtual_buf_ptr;
      /* The next descriptor in a the DMA chain (optional) */
      struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor *next_descr;

00057 struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain {
      unsigned total_count;
      struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor *chain;

      unsigned free_index;
      unsigned free_count;
      unsigned active_index;
      unsigned active_count;
      unsigned cooked_index;
      unsigned cooked_count;

      int bus;
      unsigned channel;

static inline struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor
    *stmp3xxx_dma_circ_get_free_head(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain)
      return &(chain->chain[chain->free_index]);

static inline struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor
    *stmp3xxx_dma_circ_get_cooked_head(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain)
      return &(chain->chain[chain->cooked_index]);

int stmp3xxx_dma_request(int ch, struct device *dev, const char *name);
int stmp3xxx_dma_release(int ch);
int stmp3xxx_dma_allocate_command(int ch,
                          struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor *descriptor);
int stmp3xxx_dma_free_command(int ch,
                        struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor *descriptor);
void stmp3xxx_dma_continue(int channel, u32 semaphore);
void stmp3xxx_dma_go(int ch, struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor *head,
                 u32 semaphore);
int stmp3xxx_dma_running(int ch);
int stmp3xxx_dma_make_chain(int ch, struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain,
                      struct stmp3xxx_dma_descriptor descriptors[],
                      unsigned items);
void stmp3xxx_dma_free_chain(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain);
void stmp37xx_circ_clear_chain(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain);
void stmp37xx_circ_advance_free(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain,
            unsigned count);
void stmp37xx_circ_advance_active(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain,
            unsigned count);
unsigned stmp37xx_circ_advance_cooked(struct stmp37xx_circ_dma_chain *chain);
int stmp3xxx_dma_read_semaphore(int ch);
void stmp3xxx_dma_init(void);
void stmp3xxx_dma_set_alt_target(int ch, int target);
void stmp3xxx_dma_suspend(void);
void stmp3xxx_dma_resume(void);

 * STMP37xx and STMP378x have different DMA control
 * registers layout

void stmp3xxx_arch_dma_freeze(int ch);
void stmp3xxx_arch_dma_unfreeze(int ch);
void stmp3xxx_arch_dma_reset_channel(int ch);
void stmp3xxx_arch_dma_enable_interrupt(int ch);
void stmp3xxx_arch_dma_clear_interrupt(int ch);
int stmp3xxx_arch_dma_is_interrupt(int ch);

static inline void stmp3xxx_dma_reset_channel(int ch)

static inline void stmp3xxx_dma_freeze(int ch)

static inline void stmp3xxx_dma_unfreeze(int ch)

static inline void stmp3xxx_dma_enable_interrupt(int ch)

static inline void stmp3xxx_dma_clear_interrupt(int ch)

static inline int stmp3xxx_dma_is_interrupt(int ch)
      return stmp3xxx_arch_dma_is_interrupt(ch);

#endif /* __ASM_PLAT_STMP3XXX_DMA_H */

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