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 * some sbus structures and macros to make usage of sbus drivers possible

#ifndef __M68K_SBUS_H
#define __M68K_SBUS_H

00008 struct sbus_dev {
      struct {
            unsigned int which_io;
            unsigned int phys_addr;
      } reg_addrs[1];

/* sbus IO functions stolen from include/asm-sparc/io.h for the serial driver */
/* No SBUS on the Sun3, kludge -- sam */

static inline void _sbus_writeb(unsigned char val, unsigned long addr)
      *(volatile unsigned char *)addr = val;

static inline unsigned char _sbus_readb(unsigned long addr)
      return *(volatile unsigned char *)addr;

static inline void _sbus_writel(unsigned long val, unsigned long addr)
      *(volatile unsigned long *)addr = val;


extern inline unsigned long _sbus_readl(unsigned long addr)
      return *(volatile unsigned long *)addr;

#define sbus_readb(a) _sbus_readb((unsigned long)a)
#define sbus_writeb(v, a) _sbus_writeb(v, (unsigned long)a)
#define sbus_readl(a) _sbus_readl((unsigned long)a)
#define sbus_writel(v, a) _sbus_writel(v, (unsigned long)a)


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