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Public Attributes

clk Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned long arch_flags
int bit
u8 busy_bit
void __iomem * busy_reg
void __iomem * bypass_reg
u8 bypass_shift
void(* calc )(struct clk *)
struct list_head children
unsigned int cken
unsigned long cken
void __iomem * clk_rst
__u16 clk_val
uint32_t count
chipcHw_CLOCK_e csp_id
unsigned long ctrlbit
void * data
unsigned int delay
struct dentrydentry
struct devicedev
void(* disable )(struct clk *)
u32 div_reg
int div_shift
void(* enable )(struct clk *)
int(* enable )(struct clk *)
__u8 enable_bit
unsigned int enable_bit
u32 enable_mask
int enable_negate
u32 enable_reg
void __iomem * enable_reg
u32 enable_reg1
u8 enable_shift
u8 enable_shift1
uint32_t enable_val
int enable_wait
int enabled
unsigned int enabled
int(* endisable )(struct clk *, int enable)
u8 flags
uint32_t flags
__u32 flags
unsigned long flags
u32 flags
int flags
int fnclksel
struct cpufreq_frequency_tablefreq_table
const char * function
unsigned long(* get_rate )(struct clk *clk)
bool hw_ctrld
unsigned id:2
uint32_t id
int id
u16 index
void(* init )(struct clk *)
struct list_head list
spinlock_t lock
u8 lpsc
void(* mode )(struct clk *, int)
unsigned int mode
char name [32]
const char * name
struct list_head node
struct clkopsops
struct clk_opsops
u32 oscoff
struct moduleowner
struct icst525_paramsparams
struct icst307_paramsparams
struct clkparent
u32 parent_switch_reg
struct pll_datapll_data
u32 pmc_mask
void * priv
struct clkpropagate_next
u8 psc_ctlr
unsigned long rate
u32 rate
unsigned int rate
unsigned long rate_hz
__u8 rate_offset
void(* recalc )(struct clk *)
unsigned long(* recalc )(struct clk *)
unsigned long refcount
int reg
__u16 res_mask
__u32 res_reg
bool reset
u32(* round_rate )(struct clk *, u32)
long(* round_rate )(struct clk *, unsigned long)
unsigned long(* round_rate )(struct clk *, unsigned long)
u32 saved_div
u32 scale_reg
void __iomem * scale_reg
u8 scale_shift
struct clksecondary
void(* set )(struct clk *, int)
int(* set_parent )(struct clk *clk, struct clk *parent)
int(* set_rate )(struct clk *clk, unsigned long rate)
long(* set_rate )(struct clk *clk, unsigned long rate, int apply)
void(* setvco )(struct clk *, struct icst525_vco vco)
struct list_head sibling
__u8 src_offset
int sw_locked
unsigned int type
unsigned type
unsigned long usage
int usage
unsigned int usage
s8 usage
volatile int use_bypass
unsigned int use_cnt
s8 usecount
int usecount
u8 usecount
__s8 usecount
u32 user_rate
int users
u16 users

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file clock.h.

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