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Public Attributes

ide_drive_s Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

u8 acoustic
unsigned long atapi_flags
u8 bad_wstat
unsigned int bios_cyl
u8 bios_head
u8 bios_sect
u64 capacity64
int crc_count
u8 current_speed
unsigned int cyl
unsigned long debug_mask
u8 desired_speed
unsigned long dev_flags
struct ide_disk_opsdisk_ops
u8 dma
u8 dn
void * drive_data
void * driver_data
char driver_req [10]
struct ide_atapi_pcfailed_pc
unsigned int failures
struct device gendev
struct completion gendev_rel_comp
u8 head
struct hwif_shwif
u16 * id
u8 init_speed
u8 io_32bit
ide_startstop_t(* irq_handler )(struct ide_drive_s *)
struct list_head list
int lun
unsigned int max_failures
u8 media
u8 mult_count
u8 mult_req
char name [4]
struct ide_atapi_pcpc
int(* pc_callback )(struct ide_drive_s *, int)
u8 pc_delay
u64 probed_capacity
struct request_queue * queue
u8 ready_stat
struct ide_atapi_pc request_sense_pc
u8 retry_pio
struct request * rq
u8 sect
u8 select
struct request_sense sense_data
struct request sense_rq
bool sense_rq_armed
unsigned long sleep
u8 special_flags
unsigned long timeout
u8 waiting_for_dma

Detailed Description

Definition at line 486 of file ide.h.

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