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Public Attributes

map Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct dsodso
u64 end
u64 htab_size
u64(* map_ip )(struct map *, u64)
struct list_head node
u64 pgoff
struct mem_region r1
struct mem_region rm
u64 start
u64 total
u64 vas_id

Detailed Description

struct map - address space state variables holder : total memory available as reported by HV - HV virtual address space id : htab size in bytes

The HV virtual address space (vas) allows for hotplug memory regions. Memory regions can be created and destroyed in the vas at runtime. : real mode (bootmem) region : hotplug memory region(s)

ps3 addresses virt_addr: a cpu 'translated' effective address phys_addr: an address in what Linux thinks is the physical address space lpar_addr: an address in the HV virtual address space bus_addr: an io controller 'translated' address on a device bus

Definition at line 106 of file mm.c.

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