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/* linux/include/asm-arm/plat-s3c24xx/pm.h
 * Copyright (c) 2004 Simtec Electronics
 *    http://armlinux.simtec.co.uk/
 *    Written by Ben Dooks, <ben@simtec.co.uk>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.

/* s3c_pm_init
 * called from board at initialisation time to setup the power
 * management

#ifdef CONFIG_PM

extern __init int s3c_pm_init(void);


static inline int s3c_pm_init(void)
      return 0;

/* configuration for the IRQ mask over sleep */
extern unsigned long s3c_irqwake_intmask;
extern unsigned long s3c_irqwake_eintmask;

/* IRQ masks for IRQs allowed to go to sleep (see irq.c) */
extern unsigned long s3c_irqwake_intallow;
extern unsigned long s3c_irqwake_eintallow;

/* per-cpu sleep functions */

extern void (*pm_cpu_prep)(void);
extern void (*pm_cpu_sleep)(void);

/* Flags for PM Control */

extern unsigned long s3c_pm_flags;

extern unsigned char pm_uart_udivslot;  /* true to save UART UDIVSLOT */

/* from sleep.S */

extern int  s3c_cpu_save(unsigned long *saveblk);
extern void s3c_cpu_resume(void);

extern void s3c2410_cpu_suspend(void);

extern unsigned long s3c_sleep_save_phys;

/* sleep save info */

 * struct sleep_save - save information for shared peripherals.
 * @reg: Pointer to the register to save.
 * @val: Holder for the value saved from reg.
 * This describes a list of registers which is used by the pm core and
 * other subsystem to save and restore register values over suspend.
00068 struct sleep_save {
      void __iomem      *reg;
      unsigned long     val;

#define SAVE_ITEM(x) \
      { .reg = (x) }

 * struct pm_uart_save - save block for core UART
 * @ulcon: Save value for S3C2410_ULCON
 * @ucon: Save value for S3C2410_UCON
 * @ufcon: Save value for S3C2410_UFCON
 * @umcon: Save value for S3C2410_UMCON
 * @ubrdiv: Save value for S3C2410_UBRDIV
 * Save block for UART registers to be held over sleep and restored if they
 * are needed (say by debug).
00087 struct pm_uart_save {
      u32   ulcon;
      u32   ucon;
      u32   ufcon;
      u32   umcon;
      u32   ubrdiv;
      u32   udivslot;

/* helper functions to save/restore lists of registers. */

extern void s3c_pm_do_save(struct sleep_save *ptr, int count);
extern void s3c_pm_do_restore(struct sleep_save *ptr, int count);
extern void s3c_pm_do_restore_core(struct sleep_save *ptr, int count);

#ifdef CONFIG_PM
extern int s3c_irqext_wake(unsigned int irqno, unsigned int state);
extern int s3c24xx_irq_suspend(struct sys_device *dev, pm_message_t state);
extern int s3c24xx_irq_resume(struct sys_device *dev);
#define s3c_irqext_wake NULL
#define s3c24xx_irq_suspend NULL
#define s3c24xx_irq_resume  NULL

/* PM debug functions */

#ifdef CONFIG_S3C2410_PM_DEBUG
 * s3c_pm_dbg() - low level debug function for use in suspend/resume.
 * @msg: The message to print.
 * This function is used mainly to debug the resume process before the system
 * can rely on printk/console output. It uses the low-level debugging output
 * routine printascii() to do its work.
extern void s3c_pm_dbg(const char *msg, ...);

#define S3C_PMDBG(fmt...) s3c_pm_dbg(fmt)
#define S3C_PMDBG(fmt...) printk(KERN_DEBUG fmt)

 * s3c_pm_debug_smdkled() - Debug PM suspend/resume via SMDK Board LEDs
 * @set: set bits for the state of the LEDs
 * @clear: clear bits for the state of the LEDs.
extern void s3c_pm_debug_smdkled(u32 set, u32 clear);

static inline void s3c_pm_debug_smdkled(u32 set, u32 clear) { }

/* suspend memory checking */

#ifdef CONFIG_S3C2410_PM_CHECK
extern void s3c_pm_check_prepare(void);
extern void s3c_pm_check_restore(void);
extern void s3c_pm_check_cleanup(void);
extern void s3c_pm_check_store(void);
#define s3c_pm_check_prepare() do { } while(0)
#define s3c_pm_check_restore() do { } while(0)
#define s3c_pm_check_cleanup() do { } while(0)
#define s3c_pm_check_store()   do { } while(0)

 * s3c_pm_configure_extint() - ensure pins are correctly set for IRQ
 * Setup all the necessary GPIO pins for waking the system on external
 * interrupt.
extern void s3c_pm_configure_extint(void);

 * s3c_pm_restore_gpios() - restore the state of the gpios after sleep.
 * Restore the state of the GPIO pins after sleep, which may involve ensuring
 * that we do not glitch the state of the pins from that the bootloader's
 * resume code has done.
extern void s3c_pm_restore_gpios(void);

 * s3c_pm_save_gpios() - save the state of the GPIOs for restoring after sleep.
 * Save the GPIO states for resotration on resume. See s3c_pm_restore_gpios().
extern void s3c_pm_save_gpios(void);

 * s3c_pm_cb_flushcache - callback for assembly code
 * Callback to issue flush_cache_all() as this call is
 * not a directly callable object.
extern void s3c_pm_cb_flushcache(void);

extern void s3c_pm_save_core(void);
extern void s3c_pm_restore_core(void);

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