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 * Support for MicroBlaze PVR (processor version register)
 * Copyright (C) 2007-2009 Michal Simek <monstr@monstr.eu>
 * Copyright (C) 2007-2009 PetaLogix
 * Copyright (C) 2007 John Williams <john.williams@petalogix.com>
 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.

#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <asm/pvr.h>
#include <asm/cpuinfo.h>

 * Helper macro to map between fields in our struct cpuinfo, and
 * the PVR macros in pvr.h.

#define CI(c, p) { ci->c = PVR_##p(pvr); }
#define err_printk(x) \
      early_printk("ERROR: Microblaze " x "-different for PVR and DTS\n");

void set_cpuinfo_pvr_full(struct cpuinfo *ci, struct device_node *cpu)
      struct pvr_s pvr;
      int temp; /* for saving temp value */

      CI(ver_code, VERSION);
      if (!ci->ver_code) {
            printk(KERN_ERR "ERROR: MB has broken PVR regs "
                                    "-> use DTS setting\n");

      temp = PVR_USE_BARREL(pvr) | PVR_USE_MSR_INSTR(pvr) |\
            PVR_USE_PCMP_INSTR(pvr) | PVR_USE_DIV(pvr);
      if (ci->use_instr != temp)
            err_printk("BARREL, MSR, PCMP or DIV");
      ci->use_instr = temp;

      temp = PVR_USE_HW_MUL(pvr) | PVR_USE_MUL64(pvr);
      if (ci->use_mult != temp)
      ci->use_mult = temp;

      temp = PVR_USE_FPU(pvr) | PVR_USE_FPU2(pvr);
      if (ci->use_fpu != temp)
      ci->use_fpu = temp;

      ci->use_exc = PVR_OPCODE_0x0_ILLEGAL(pvr) |\
                  PVR_UNALIGNED_EXCEPTION(pvr) |\
                  PVR_ILL_OPCODE_EXCEPTION(pvr) |\
                  PVR_IOPB_BUS_EXCEPTION(pvr) |\
                  PVR_DOPB_BUS_EXCEPTION(pvr) |\
                  PVR_DIV_ZERO_EXCEPTION(pvr) |\
                  PVR_FPU_EXCEPTION(pvr) |\

      CI(pvr_user1, USER1);
      CI(pvr_user2, USER2);

      CI(mmu, USE_MMU);

      CI(use_icache, USE_ICACHE);
      CI(icache_tagbits, ICACHE_ADDR_TAG_BITS);
      CI(icache_write, ICACHE_ALLOW_WR);
      CI(icache_line, ICACHE_LINE_LEN);
      CI(icache_size, ICACHE_BYTE_SIZE);
      CI(icache_base, ICACHE_BASEADDR);
      CI(icache_high, ICACHE_HIGHADDR);

      CI(use_dcache, USE_DCACHE);
      CI(dcache_tagbits, DCACHE_ADDR_TAG_BITS);
      CI(dcache_write, DCACHE_ALLOW_WR);
      CI(dcache_line, DCACHE_LINE_LEN);
      CI(dcache_size, DCACHE_BYTE_SIZE);
      CI(dcache_base, DCACHE_BASEADDR);
      CI(dcache_high, DCACHE_HIGHADDR);

      CI(use_dopb, D_OPB);
      CI(use_iopb, I_OPB);
      CI(use_dlmb, D_LMB);
      CI(use_ilmb, I_LMB);
      CI(num_fsl, FSL_LINKS);

      CI(irq_edge, INTERRUPT_IS_EDGE);
      CI(irq_positive, EDGE_IS_POSITIVE);

      CI(area_optimised, AREA_OPTIMISED);

      CI(hw_debug, DEBUG_ENABLED);
      CI(num_pc_brk, NUMBER_OF_PC_BRK);
      CI(num_rd_brk, NUMBER_OF_RD_ADDR_BRK);
      CI(num_wr_brk, NUMBER_OF_WR_ADDR_BRK);

      CI(fpga_family_code, TARGET_FAMILY);

      /* take timebase-frequency from DTS */
      ci->cpu_clock_freq = fcpu(cpu, "timebase-frequency");

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