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/***********************license start***************
 * Author: Cavium Networks
 * Contact: support@caviumnetworks.com
 * This file is part of the OCTEON SDK
 * Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Cavium Networks
 * This file is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2, as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 * AS-IS and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty
 * NONINFRINGEMENT.  See the GNU General Public License for more
 * details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this file; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
 * or visit http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.
 * This file may also be available under a different license from Cavium.
 * Contact Cavium Networks for more information
 ***********************license end**************************************/

#ifndef __CVMX_GPIO_DEFS_H__
#define __CVMX_GPIO_DEFS_H__

#define CVMX_GPIO_BIT_CFGX(offset) \
       CVMX_ADD_IO_SEG(0x0001070000000800ull + (((offset) & 15) * 8))
#define CVMX_GPIO_CLK_GENX(offset) \
       CVMX_ADD_IO_SEG(0x00010700000008C0ull + (((offset) & 3) * 8))
#define CVMX_GPIO_RX_DAT \
#define CVMX_GPIO_TX_CLR \
#define CVMX_GPIO_TX_SET \
#define CVMX_GPIO_XBIT_CFGX(offset) \
       CVMX_ADD_IO_SEG(0x0001070000000900ull + (((offset) & 31) * 8) - 8 * 16)

00050 union cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx {
      uint64_t u64;
00052       struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_s {
            uint64_t reserved_15_63:49;
            uint64_t clk_gen:1;
            uint64_t clk_sel:2;
            uint64_t fil_sel:4;
            uint64_t fil_cnt:4;
            uint64_t int_type:1;
            uint64_t int_en:1;
            uint64_t rx_xor:1;
            uint64_t tx_oe:1;
      } s;
00063       struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx {
            uint64_t reserved_12_63:52;
            uint64_t fil_sel:4;
            uint64_t fil_cnt:4;
            uint64_t int_type:1;
            uint64_t int_en:1;
            uint64_t rx_xor:1;
            uint64_t tx_oe:1;
      } cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx cn31xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx cn38xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx cn38xxp2;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx cn50xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_s cn52xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_s cn52xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_s cn56xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_s cn56xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx cn58xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_bit_cfgx_cn30xx cn58xxp1;

00084 union cvmx_gpio_boot_ena {
      uint64_t u64;
00086       struct cvmx_gpio_boot_ena_s {
            uint64_t reserved_12_63:52;
            uint64_t boot_ena:4;
            uint64_t reserved_0_7:8;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_boot_ena_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_boot_ena_s cn31xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_boot_ena_s cn50xx;

00096 union cvmx_gpio_clk_genx {
      uint64_t u64;
00098       struct cvmx_gpio_clk_genx_s {
            uint64_t reserved_32_63:32;
            uint64_t n:32;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_clk_genx_s cn52xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_clk_genx_s cn52xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_clk_genx_s cn56xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_clk_genx_s cn56xxp1;

00108 union cvmx_gpio_dbg_ena {
      uint64_t u64;
00110       struct cvmx_gpio_dbg_ena_s {
            uint64_t reserved_21_63:43;
            uint64_t dbg_ena:21;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_dbg_ena_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_dbg_ena_s cn31xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_dbg_ena_s cn50xx;

00119 union cvmx_gpio_int_clr {
      uint64_t u64;
00121       struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s {
            uint64_t reserved_16_63:48;
            uint64_t type:16;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn31xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn38xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn38xxp2;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn50xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn52xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn52xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn56xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn56xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn58xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_int_clr_s cn58xxp1;

00138 union cvmx_gpio_rx_dat {
      uint64_t u64;
00140       struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_s {
            uint64_t reserved_24_63:40;
            uint64_t dat:24;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_s cn31xx;
00146       struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx {
            uint64_t reserved_16_63:48;
            uint64_t dat:16;
      } cn38xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn38xxp2;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_s cn50xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn52xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn52xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn56xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn56xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn58xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_rx_dat_cn38xx cn58xxp1;

00160 union cvmx_gpio_tx_clr {
      uint64_t u64;
00162       struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_s {
            uint64_t reserved_24_63:40;
            uint64_t clr:24;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_s cn31xx;
00168       struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx {
            uint64_t reserved_16_63:48;
            uint64_t clr:16;
      } cn38xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn38xxp2;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_s cn50xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn52xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn52xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn56xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn56xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn58xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_clr_cn38xx cn58xxp1;

00182 union cvmx_gpio_tx_set {
      uint64_t u64;
00184       struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_s {
            uint64_t reserved_24_63:40;
            uint64_t set:24;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_s cn31xx;
00190       struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx {
            uint64_t reserved_16_63:48;
            uint64_t set:16;
      } cn38xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn38xxp2;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_s cn50xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn52xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn52xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn56xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn56xxp1;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn58xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_tx_set_cn38xx cn58xxp1;

00204 union cvmx_gpio_xbit_cfgx {
      uint64_t u64;
00206       struct cvmx_gpio_xbit_cfgx_s {
            uint64_t reserved_12_63:52;
            uint64_t fil_sel:4;
            uint64_t fil_cnt:4;
            uint64_t reserved_2_3:2;
            uint64_t rx_xor:1;
            uint64_t tx_oe:1;
      } s;
      struct cvmx_gpio_xbit_cfgx_s cn30xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_xbit_cfgx_s cn31xx;
      struct cvmx_gpio_xbit_cfgx_s cn50xx;


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