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dmacHw_priv.h File Reference

Private Definitions for low level DMA driver. More...

#include <csp/stdint.h>
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struct  dmacHw_CBLK_t
struct  dmacHw_DESC_RING_t
struct  dmacHw_DESC_t


#define dmacHw_ADDRESS_MASK(byte)   ((byte) - 1)
#define dmacHw_ASSERT(a)   if (!(a)) while (1)
#define dmacHw_CBLK_TO_HANDLE(cblkp)   ((dmacHw_HANDLE_t) (cblkp))
#define dmacHw_DESC_FREE   dmacHw_REG_CTL_DONE
#define dmacHw_DESC_INIT   ((dmacHw_DESC_t *) 0xFFFFFFFF)
#define dmacHw_DST_IS_MEMORY(tt)   (((tt) == dmacHw_TRANSFER_TYPE_PERIPHERAL_TO_MEM) || ((tt) == dmacHw_TRANSFER_TYPE_MEM_TO_MEM)) ? 1 : 0
#define dmacHw_GET_DESC_RING(addr)   (dmacHw_DESC_RING_t *)(addr)
#define dmacHw_HANDLE_TO_CBLK(handle)   ((dmacHw_CBLK_t *) (handle))
#define dmacHw_MAX_BLOCKSIZE   4064
#define dmacHw_MAX_CHANNEL_COUNT   16
#define dmacHw_NEXT_DESC(rp, dp)   ((rp)->dp = (dmacHw_DESC_t *)(rp)->dp->llp)


static dmacHw_TRANSACTION_WIDTH_e dmacHw_GetNextTrWidth (dmacHw_TRANSACTION_WIDTH_e tw)
 Get next available transaction width.
static int dmacHw_GetTrWidthInBytes (dmacHw_TRANSACTION_WIDTH_e tw)
 Get number of bytes per transaction.

Detailed Description

Private Definitions for low level DMA driver.

Definition in file dmacHw_priv.h.

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