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/* gdb-stub.h: FRV GDB stub
 * Copyright (C) 2003 Red Hat, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
 * Written by David Howells (dhowells@redhat.com)
 * - Derived from asm-mips/gdb-stub.h (c) 1995 Andreas Busse
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef __ASM_GDB_STUB_H
#define __ASM_GDB_STUB_H


#include <asm/ptrace.h>

 * important register numbers in GDB protocol
 * - GR0,  GR1,  GR2,  GR3,  GR4,  GR5,  GR6,  GR7,
 * - GR8,  GR9,  GR10, GR11, GR12, GR13, GR14, GR15,
 * - GR16, GR17, GR18, GR19, GR20, GR21, GR22, GR23,
 * - GR24, GR25, GR26, GR27, GR28, GR29, GR30, GR31,
 * - GR32, GR33, GR34, GR35, GR36, GR37, GR38, GR39,
 * - GR40, GR41, GR42, GR43, GR44, GR45, GR46, GR47,
 * - GR48, GR49, GR50, GR51, GR52, GR53, GR54, GR55,
 * - GR56, GR57, GR58, GR59, GR60, GR61, GR62, GR63,
 * - FR0,  FR1,  FR2,  FR3,  FR4,  FR5,  FR6,  FR7,
 * - FR8,  FR9,  FR10, FR11, FR12, FR13, FR14, FR15,
 * - FR16, FR17, FR18, FR19, FR20, FR21, FR22, FR23,
 * - FR24, FR25, FR26, FR27, FR28, FR29, FR30, FR31,
 * - FR32, FR33, FR34, FR35, FR36, FR37, FR38, FR39,
 * - FR40, FR41, FR42, FR43, FR44, FR45, FR46, FR47,
 * - FR48, FR49, FR50, FR51, FR52, FR53, FR54, FR55,
 * - FR56, FR57, FR58, FR59, FR60, FR61, FR62, FR63,
 * - PC, PSR, CCR, CCCR,
 * - _X132, _X133, _X134
 * - SCR0, SCR1, SCR2, SCR3,
 * - LR, LCR,
 * - IACC0H, IACC0L,
 * - FSR0,
 * - ACC0, ACC1, ACC2, ACC3, ACC4, ACC5, ACC6, ACC7,
 * - ACCG0123, ACCG4567,
 * - MSR0, MSR1,
 * - GNER0, GNER1,
 * - FNER0, FNER1,
#define GDB_REG_GR(N)   (N)
#define GDB_REG_FR(N)   (64+(N))
#define GDB_REG_PC      128
#define GDB_REG_PSR     129
#define GDB_REG_CCR     130
#define GDB_REG_CCCR    131
#define GDB_REG_TBR     135
#define GDB_REG_BRR     136
#define GDB_REG_DBAR(N) (137+(N))
#define GDB_REG_SCR(N)  (141+(N))
#define GDB_REG_LR      145
#define GDB_REG_LCR     146
#define GDB_REG_FSR0    149
#define GDB_REG_ACC(N)  (150+(N))
#define GDB_REG_ACCG(N) (158+(N)/4)
#define GDB_REG_MSR(N)  (160+(N))
#define GDB_REG_GNER(N) (162+(N))
#define GDB_REG_FNER(N) (164+(N))

#define GDB_REG_SP      GDB_REG_GR(1)
#define GDB_REG_FP      GDB_REG_GR(2)


 * Prototypes
extern void show_registers_only(struct pt_regs *regs);

extern void gdbstub_init(void);
extern void gdbstub(int type);
extern void gdbstub_exit(int status);

extern void gdbstub_io_init(void);
extern void gdbstub_set_baud(unsigned baud);
extern int gdbstub_rx_char(unsigned char *_ch, int nonblock);
extern void gdbstub_tx_char(unsigned char ch);
extern void gdbstub_tx_flush(void);
extern void gdbstub_do_rx(void);

extern asmlinkage void __debug_stub_init_break(void);
extern asmlinkage void __break_hijack_kernel_event(void);
extern asmlinkage void __break_hijack_kernel_event_breaks_here(void);

extern asmlinkage void gdbstub_rx_handler(void);
extern asmlinkage void gdbstub_rx_irq(void);
extern asmlinkage void gdbstub_intercept(void);

extern uint32_t __entry_usertrap_table[];
extern uint32_t __entry_kerneltrap_table[];

extern volatile u8      gdbstub_rx_buffer[PAGE_SIZE];
extern volatile u32     gdbstub_rx_inp;
extern volatile u32     gdbstub_rx_outp;
extern volatile u8      gdbstub_rx_overflow;
extern u8         gdbstub_rx_unget;

extern void gdbstub_printk(const char *fmt, ...);
extern void debug_to_serial(const char *p, int n);
extern void console_set_baud(unsigned baud);

#define gdbstub_proto(FMT,...) gdbstub_printk(FMT,##__VA_ARGS__)
#define gdbstub_proto(FMT,...) ({ 0; })

 * we dedicate GR31 to keeping a pointer to the gdbstub exception frame
 * - gr31 is destroyed on entry to the gdbstub if !MMU
 * - gr31 is saved in scr3 on entry to the gdbstub if in !MMU
register struct frv_frame0 *__debug_frame0 asm("gr31");

#define __debug_frame         (&__debug_frame0->regs)
#define __debug_user_context  (&__debug_frame0->uc)
#define __debug_regs          (&__debug_frame0->debug)
#define __debug_reg(X)        ((unsigned long *) ((unsigned long) &__debug_frame0 + (X)))

00129 struct frv_debug_status {
      unsigned long           bpsr;
      unsigned long           dcr;
      unsigned long           brr;
      unsigned long           nmar;

extern struct frv_debug_status __debug_status;

#endif /* __ASM_GDB_STUB_H */

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