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config Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

u8 X (byte_count:6, pad0:2)
u8 X (X(rx_d102_mode:1, rx_vlan_drop:1), pad22:6)
u8 X (X(pad21_1:3, multicast_all:1), pad21_2:4)
u8 X (X(X(pad20_1:5, fc_priority_location:1), multi_ia:1), pad20_2:1)
u8 X (X(X(X(X(X(X(addr_wake:1, magic_packet_disable:1), fc_disable:1), fc_restop:1), fc_restart:1), fc_reject:1), full_duplex_force:1), full_duplex_pin:1)
u8 X (X(X(X(X(rx_stripping:1, tx_padding:1), rx_crc_transfer:1), rx_long_ok:1), fc_priority_threshold:3), pad18:1)
u8 X (X(X(X(X(X(X(promiscuous_mode:1, broadcast_disabled:1), wait_after_win:1), pad15_1:1), ignore_ul_bit:1), crc_16_bit:1), pad15_2:1), crs_or_cdt:1)
u8 X (X(linear_priority_mode:1, pad12:3), ifs:4)
u8 X (linear_priority:3, pad11:5)
u8 X (X(X(pad10:3, no_source_addr_insertion:1), preamble_length:2), loopback:2)
u8 X (X(X(X(X(rx_tcpudp_checksum:1, pad9:3), vlan_arp_tco:1), link_status_wake:1), arp_wake:1), mcmatch_wake:1)
u8 X (X(mii_mode:1, pad8:6), csma_disabled:1)
u8 X (X(X(X(X(rx_discard_short_frames:1, tx_underrun_retry:2), pad7:2), rx_extended_rfd:1), tx_two_frames_in_fifo:1), tx_dynamic_tbd:1)
u8 X (X(X(X(X(X(X(late_scb_update:1, direct_rx_dma:1), tno_intr:1), cna_intr:1), standard_tcb:1), standard_stat_counter:1), rx_discard_overruns:1), rx_save_bad_frames:1)
u8 X (tx_dma_max_count:7, dma_max_count_enable:1)
u8 X (rx_dma_max_count:7, pad4:1)
u8 X (X(X(X(mwi_enable:1, type_enable:1), read_align_enable:1), term_write_cache_line:1), pad3:4)
u8 X (X(rx_fifo_limit:4, tx_fifo_limit:3), pad1:1)

Public Attributes

u8 adaptive_ifs
u8 fc_delay_hi
u8 fc_delay_lo
u8 ip_addr_hi
u8 ip_addr_lo
u8 pad_d102 [9]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 450 of file e100.c.

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