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Public Attributes

hwif_s Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned busy: 1
u8 cbl
u8 channel
hwif_chipset_t chipset
struct ide_cmd cmd
unsigned long config_data
struct devicedev
ide_drive_tdevices [MAX_DRIVES+1]
unsigned long dma_base
struct ide_dma_opsdma_ops
unsigned int * dmatable_cpu
dma_addr_t dmatable_dma
int(* expiry )(ide_drive_t *)
unsigned long extra_base
unsigned extra_ports
struct device gendev
struct completion gendev_rel_comp
ide_startstop_t(* handler )(ide_drive_t *)
struct ide_hosthost
u32 host_flags
void * hwif_data
u8 index
struct ide_io_ports io_ports
int irq
spinlock_t lock
u8 major
struct hwif_smate
u8 mwdma_mask
char name [6]
u8 pio_mask
unsigned long poll_timeout
unsigned int polling: 1
unsigned long port_flags
struct ide_port_opsport_ops
struct deviceportdev
int prd_ent_size
int prd_max_nents
unsigned present: 1
struct proc_dir_entryproc
int req_gen
int req_gen_timer
struct request * rq
int rqsize
void(* rw_disk )(ide_drive_t *, struct request *)
unsigned long sata_scr [SATA_NR_PORTS]
unsigned long select_data
int sg_max_nents
struct scatterlistsg_table
u8 swdma_mask
struct timer_list timer
struct ide_tp_opstp_ops
u8 ultra_mask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 665 of file ide.h.

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