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Public Attributes

mm_struct Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

mm_counter_t _anon_rss
mm_counter_t _file_rss
unsigned long arg_end
unsigned long arg_start
struct linux_binfmt * binfmt
unsigned long brk
unsigned long cached_hole_size
mm_context_t context
struct core_statecore_state
cpumask_t cpu_vm_mask
unsigned long def_flags
unsigned long end_code
unsigned long end_data
unsigned long env_end
unsigned long env_start
unsigned long exec_vm
unsigned int faultstamp
unsigned long flags
unsigned long free_area_cache
unsigned long(* get_unmapped_area )(struct file *filp, unsigned long addr, unsigned long len, unsigned long pgoff, unsigned long flags)
unsigned long hiwater_rss
unsigned long hiwater_vm
unsigned int last_interval
unsigned long locked_vm
int map_count
atomic_t mm_count
struct rb_root mm_rb
atomic_t mm_users
struct vm_area_structmmap
unsigned long mmap_base
struct vm_area_structmmap_cache
struct rw_semaphore mmap_sem
struct list_head mmlist
unsigned long nr_ptes
spinlock_t page_table_lock
unsigned long reserved_vm
unsigned long saved_auxv [AT_VECTOR_SIZE]
unsigned long shared_vm
unsigned long stack_vm
unsigned long start_brk
unsigned long start_code
unsigned long start_data
unsigned long start_stack
unsigned long task_size
unsigned int token_priority
unsigned long total_vm
void(* unmap_area )(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long addr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 202 of file mm_types.h.

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