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Public Attributes

pt_regs Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned long __status
unsigned long a0
long a0
long a0w
long a0x
unsigned long a1
long a1
long a1w
long a1x
unsigned long a2
long a2
unsigned long a3
unsigned long acc0h
unsigned long acc0l
unsigned long acc1h
unsigned long acc1l
unsigned long acr
unsigned long ar_bspstore
unsigned long ar_ccv
unsigned long ar_csd
unsigned long ar_fpsr
unsigned long ar_pfs
unsigned long ar_rnat
unsigned long ar_rsc
unsigned long ar_ssd
unsigned long ar_unat
long astat
unsigned long b0
long b0
long b1
long b2
long b3
unsigned long b6
unsigned long b7
unsigned long bbpc
unsigned long bbpsw
unsigned long bpc
unsigned long cccr
unsigned short ccr
unsigned long ccr
unsigned long ccs
unsigned long ceh
unsigned long cel
unsigned long cp0_badvaddr
unsigned long cp0_cause
unsigned long cp0_condition
unsigned long cp0_ecr
unsigned long cp0_ema
unsigned long cp0_epc
unsigned long cp0_psr
unsigned long cp0_status
unsigned long cr27
unsigned long cr_ifs
unsigned long cr_iip
unsigned long cr_ipsr
unsigned long cs
unsigned long csraddr
unsigned long csrdata
unsigned long csrinstr
unsigned long ctr
unsigned long d0
long d0
unsigned long d1
long d1
unsigned long d2
long d2
unsigned long d3
long d3
long d4
long d5
unsigned long dar
unsigned long dccr
unsigned long dsisr
unsigned long e0
unsigned long e1
unsigned long e2
unsigned long e3
unsigned long e4
unsigned long e5
unsigned long e6
unsigned long e7
microblaze_reg_t ear
unsigned long eda
unsigned long eflags
unsigned long epsw
long er0
long er1
long er2
long er3
long er4
long er5
long er6
unsigned long erp
microblaze_reg_t esr
unsigned long exs
struct ia64_fpreg f10
struct ia64_fpreg f11
struct ia64_fpreg f6
struct ia64_fpreg f7
struct ia64_fpreg f8
struct ia64_fpreg f9
unsigned format: 4
long fp
unsigned long fp
__u64 fr [32]
unsigned long frametype
microblaze_reg_t fsr
unsigned long gbr
unsigned long gner0
unsigned long gner1
unsigned long gp
unsigned long gpr [32]
unsigned long gr [32]
unsigned long gr10
unsigned long gr11
unsigned long gr12
unsigned long gr13
unsigned long gr14
unsigned long gr15
unsigned long gr16
unsigned long gr17
unsigned long gr18
unsigned long gr19
unsigned long gr20
unsigned long gr21
unsigned long gr22
unsigned long gr23
unsigned long gr24
unsigned long gr25
unsigned long gr26
unsigned long gr27
unsigned long gr29
unsigned long gr3
unsigned long gr30
unsigned long gr31
unsigned long gr4
unsigned long gr5
unsigned long gr6
unsigned long gr7
unsigned long gr8
unsigned long gr9
unsigned long hae
unsigned long hi
long i0
long i1
long i2
long i3
unsigned long long iacc0
unsigned long iaoq [2]
unsigned long iasq [2]
unsigned long iir
unsigned long ior
long ipend
unsigned long ipsw
unsigned long irp
long is_syscall
unsigned long isr
unsigned long kpc
unsigned long ksp
long l0
long l1
long l2
long l3
unsigned long lar
long lb0
long lb1
long lc0
long lc1
unsigned long lcr
unsigned long link
unsigned long lir
unsigned long lo
unsigned long loadrs
unsigned long lr
long lt0
long lt1
long m0
long m1
long m2
long m3
unsigned long mach
unsigned long macl
unsigned long mcrh
unsigned long mcrl
unsigned long mcvf
unsigned long mdr
unsigned long mdrq
unsigned long mof
unsigned long mq
unsigned long msr
microblaze_reg_t msr
struct pt_regsnext
struct pt_regsnext_frame
unsigned long nip
unsigned long npc
unsigned long orig_d0
long orig_d0
long orig_er0
unsigned long orig_gpr3
unsigned long orig_gr8
long orig_p0
long orig_pc
long orig_r0
unsigned long orig_r0
unsigned long orig_r10
unsigned long orig_r28
unsigned long orig_r4
unsigned long orig_r7
unsigned long orig_rax
long p0
long p1
long p2
long p3
long p4
long p5
unsigned long pad0
long pc
microblaze_reg_t pc
unsigned long pc
unsigned long pr
unsigned long ps
unsigned long psr
unsigned long psw
int pt_mode
struct pt_regspt_regs
unsigned long r0
long r0
microblaze_reg_t r0
unsigned long r1
long r1
microblaze_reg_t r1
unsigned long r10
microblaze_reg_t r10
unsigned long r11
microblaze_reg_t r11
unsigned long r12
microblaze_reg_t r12
unsigned long r12_orig
microblaze_reg_t r13
unsigned long r13
unsigned long r14
microblaze_reg_t r14
microblaze_reg_t r15
unsigned long r15
unsigned long r16
microblaze_reg_t r16
microblaze_reg_t r17
unsigned long r17
microblaze_reg_t r18
unsigned long r18
unsigned long r19
microblaze_reg_t r19
microblaze_reg_t r2
long r2
unsigned long r2
unsigned long r20
microblaze_reg_t r20
unsigned long r21
microblaze_reg_t r21
microblaze_reg_t r22
unsigned long r22
unsigned long r23
microblaze_reg_t r23
microblaze_reg_t r24
unsigned long r24
microblaze_reg_t r25
unsigned long r25
unsigned long r26
microblaze_reg_t r26
unsigned long r27
microblaze_reg_t r27
unsigned long r28
microblaze_reg_t r28
unsigned long r29
microblaze_reg_t r29
unsigned long r3
microblaze_reg_t r3
long r3
microblaze_reg_t r30
unsigned long r30
unsigned long r31
microblaze_reg_t r31
microblaze_reg_t r4
unsigned long r4
long r4
unsigned long r5
long r5
microblaze_reg_t r5
unsigned long r6
microblaze_reg_t r6
long r6
long r7
microblaze_reg_t r7
unsigned long r7
microblaze_reg_t r8
unsigned long r8
unsigned long r9
microblaze_reg_t r9
unsigned long rax
unsigned long rbp
unsigned long rbx
unsigned long rcx
unsigned long rdi
unsigned long rdx
unsigned long regs [32]
struct uml_pt_regs regs
long reserved
unsigned long result
long rete
long retn
long retpc
long rets
long retx
unsigned long rip
unsigned long rsi
unsigned long rsp
unsigned long sar
long seqstat
unsigned long sp
unsigned long spc
unsigned long spi
unsigned long spu
unsigned short sr
unsigned long sr
unsigned long sr0
unsigned long sr1
unsigned long sr2
unsigned long srp
unsigned long srs
unsigned long ss
long stkadj
long syscall_nr
unsigned long syscallno
long syscfg
unsigned long tbr
long tra
unsigned long trap
unsigned long trap_a0
unsigned long trap_a1
unsigned long trap_a2
unsigned long u_regs [16]
long uregs [18]
long usp
long vector
unsigned vector: 12
unsigned long xer
unsigned long y

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file ptrace.h.

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