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Public Attributes

sigcontext Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned short __pad0
unsigned long _unused [4]
unsigned long a0
unsigned long a1
unsigned long a2
unsigned long a3
unsigned long arm_cpsr
unsigned long arm_fp
unsigned long arm_ip
unsigned long arm_lr
unsigned long arm_pc
unsigned long arm_r0
unsigned long arm_r1
unsigned long arm_r10
unsigned long arm_r2
unsigned long arm_r3
unsigned long arm_r4
unsigned long arm_r5
unsigned long arm_r6
unsigned long arm_r7
unsigned long arm_r8
unsigned long arm_r9
unsigned long arm_sp
unsigned long cr2
unsigned short cs
unsigned long d0
unsigned long d1
unsigned long d2
unsigned long d3
unsigned long e0
unsigned long e1
unsigned long e2
unsigned long e3
unsigned long e4
unsigned long e5
unsigned long e6
unsigned long e7
unsigned long eflags
unsigned long epsw
unsigned long err
unsigned long error_code
unsigned long fault_address
struct _fpstate __user * fpstate
struct fpucontextfpucontext
unsigned short fs
unsigned short gs
unsigned long handler
unsigned long lar
unsigned long lir
unsigned long lr
unsigned long mcrh
unsigned long mcrl
unsigned long mcvf
unsigned long mdr
unsigned long mdrq
unsigned long oldmask
unsigned long pc
unsigned long r0
unsigned long r1
unsigned long r10
unsigned long r11
unsigned long r12
unsigned long r13
unsigned long r14
unsigned long r15
unsigned long r2
unsigned long r3
unsigned long r4
unsigned long r5
unsigned long r6
unsigned long r7
unsigned long r8
unsigned long r9
unsigned long rax
unsigned long rbp
unsigned long rbx
unsigned long rcx
unsigned long rdi
unsigned long rdx
struct pt_regs __user * regs
struct pt_regs regs
unsigned long reserved1 [8]
unsigned long rip
unsigned long rsi
unsigned long rsp
unsigned long sc_a [16]
unsigned long sc_a0
unsigned long sc_a0w
unsigned long sc_a0x
unsigned long sc_a1
unsigned long sc_a1w
unsigned long sc_a1x
unsigned long sc_acc0h
unsigned long sc_acc0l
unsigned long sc_acc1h
unsigned long sc_acc1l
unsigned long sc_acchi
unsigned long sc_acclo
unsigned long sc_ar25
unsigned long sc_ar26
unsigned long sc_ar_bsp
unsigned long sc_ar_ccv
unsigned long sc_ar_fpsr
unsigned long sc_ar_lc
unsigned long sc_ar_pfs
unsigned long sc_ar_rnat
unsigned long sc_ar_rsc
unsigned long sc_ar_unat
unsigned long sc_astat
unsigned long sc_b0
unsigned long sc_b1
unsigned long sc_b2
unsigned long sc_b3
unsigned long sc_bbpc
unsigned long sc_bbpsw
unsigned long sc_bpc
unsigned long sc_br [8]
unsigned short sc_ccr
unsigned long sc_cfm
unsigned int sc_condition
struct user_context sc_context
unsigned long sc_d0
unsigned long sc_d1
unsigned int sc_ecr
unsigned long sc_ema
unsigned long sc_er0
unsigned long sc_er1
unsigned long sc_er2
unsigned long sc_er3
unsigned long sc_er4
unsigned long sc_er5
unsigned long sc_er6
unsigned long sc_flags
unsigned short sc_formatvec
unsigned long sc_fp
unsigned long sc_fp_control
unsigned long sc_fp_trap_pc
unsigned long sc_fp_trigger_inst
unsigned long sc_fp_trigger_sum
unsigned long sc_fpcntl [3]
unsigned long sc_fpcr
long sc_fpregs [32]
unsigned long sc_fpregs [2 *3]
unsigned int sc_fpscr
unsigned char sc_fpstate [216]
unsigned int sc_fpul
struct ia64_fpreg sc_fr [128]
unsigned long long sc_fr [32]
unsigned long sc_gbr
unsigned long sc_gr [32]
unsigned long sc_i0
unsigned long sc_i1
unsigned long sc_i2
unsigned long sc_i3
unsigned long sc_iaoq [2]
unsigned long sc_iasq [2]
unsigned long sc_ip
unsigned long sc_l0
unsigned long sc_l1
unsigned long sc_l2
unsigned long sc_l3
unsigned long sc_lb0
unsigned long sc_lb1
unsigned long sc_lbeg
unsigned long sc_lc0
unsigned long sc_lc1
unsigned long sc_lcount
unsigned long sc_lend
unsigned long sc_loadrs
unsigned long sc_lr
unsigned long sc_lt0
unsigned long sc_lt1
unsigned long sc_m0
unsigned long sc_m1
unsigned long sc_m2
unsigned long sc_m3
unsigned long sc_mach
unsigned long sc_macl
sigset_t sc_mask
long sc_mask
unsigned long sc_mask
unsigned int sc_mdceh
unsigned int sc_mdcel
unsigned long sc_nat
unsigned long sc_oldmask
long sc_onstack
long sc_ownedfp
unsigned int sc_ownedfp
unsigned long sc_p0
unsigned long sc_p1
unsigned long sc_p2
unsigned long sc_p3
unsigned long sc_p4
unsigned long sc_p5
unsigned long sc_pc
long sc_pc
unsigned long sc_pr
long sc_ps
unsigned long sc_ps
unsigned int sc_psr
unsigned long sc_psw
struct pt_regssc_pt_regs
unsigned long sc_r0
unsigned long sc_r1
unsigned long sc_r10
unsigned long sc_r11
unsigned long sc_r12
unsigned long sc_r2
unsigned long sc_r3
unsigned long sc_r4
unsigned long sc_r5
unsigned long sc_r6
unsigned long sc_r7
unsigned long sc_r8
unsigned long sc_r9
unsigned long sc_rbs_base
unsigned int sc_regmask
long sc_regs [32]
unsigned long sc_regs [32]
unsigned long sc_reserved1
unsigned long sc_reserved2
unsigned long sc_rets
unsigned long sc_retx
unsigned long sc_rsvd [12]
unsigned long sc_sar
char * sc_sbase
unsigned long sc_seqstat
unsigned long sc_sigset [4]
unsigned long sc_spi
unsigned long sc_spu
unsigned short sc_sr
unsigned long sc_sr
unsigned int sc_ssflags
unsigned long sc_ssize
stack_t sc_stack
unsigned long sc_traparg_a0
unsigned long sc_traparg_a1
unsigned long sc_traparg_a2
unsigned long sc_um
unsigned long sc_usp
unsigned long sc_xfpregs [16]
void * sc_xtregs
int signal
unsigned long sp
unsigned long sr
_sigregs __user * sregs
unsigned long trap_no
unsigned long trapno
unsigned long usp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file sigcontext.h.

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