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Public Attributes

sigframe Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int abigap [56]
unsigned long arg0
unsigned long arg1
unsigned long arg2
__u8 callee_used_stack [__SIGNAL_FRAMESIZE]
int code
long dummy_er0
long dummy_pc
long dummy_vector
unsigned long extramask [_NSIG_WORDS-1]
struct _fpstate fpstate
struct fpucontext fpuctx
void __user * handler
struct siginfo info
struct mcontext mctx
char __user * pretcode
__sigrestore_t pretcode
char * pretcode
void(* pretcode )(void)
struct sigcontext __user * psc
struct sigcontextpsc
unsigned char retcode [8]
u16 retcode [8]
unsigned long retcode [2]
__u8 retcode [S390_SYSCALL_SIZE]
char retcode [8]
long long retcode [2]
unsigned int retcode [3]
uint32_t retcode [2]
struct sigcontext sc
struct sigcontext sctx
u32 sf_ass [4]
u32 sf_code [2]
sigset_t sf_mask
struct sigcontext sf_sc
int sig
int signo
_sigregs sregs
unsigned long tramp [2]
struct ucontext uc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 212 of file signal.c.

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